Army tests new targeting system in Alaska

JETS seeks to give forward observers the ability to call in precision fire with a lightweight package.


Navy Knifefish undersea drone detects numerous mines in test

An Navy undersea drone is expected to be operational in the next few months after successfully completing contractor trials.


Army looks towards gaming & big data to create prepared future force

At a TRADOC Mad Scientist Presentation, Dr. Rob Smith discussed the ways in which the Army could take lessons learned from the sports and videogame industries in harnessing data.


Army fast-tracks new man-packable counter-drone EW weapons

The Army’s Rapid Equipping Force is accelerating development of EW weapons to jam and disable enemy small drone threats.

Air Force

Navy adds millimeter wave radar to AGM-88B anti-radiation missile

A Navy upgrade to an air-to-ground missile designed to target mobile enemy air defenses gives the weapon new millimeter wave radar.


Firm develops rugged navigation device for a GPS-denied environment

The Army and DOD are working with industry to engineer networking technologies able to connect combat forces in an environment where GPS systems are jammed or disabled.


OPED: new conformal batteries expedite moves to a digital soldier

New conformal batteries better enable soldier-mounted tech such as computers, navigation system and night vision.

Grey Eagle

Army seeks next-gen targeted EW attack technology for drones

A recent Army RFI looks for mature EW technologies to mount on the wing of a Gray Eagle drone.

Defense Systems Update

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