Aegis Radar Destroyer

Navy searches for next-gen X-band radar for surface warships.

The Navy is entering tech development for a new lightweight, phased array radar.

Nett Warrior

New Army commercial cloud deal offers smartphone chat, video & voice

An AT&T Unified Capabilities deal will expedite cloud-based voice, video, chat and data services.

sailors marines

Navy, DARPA build new voice and text network

Navy and DARPA are working on a new voice and text network able to allow real-time connectivity that can transmit force-tracking information.


Samsung works with U.S. military to prototype new high-speed 5G network

Samsung developers say its new 5G network brings much faster speeds, higher bandwidth and improved security.


DARPA hypersonic effort accelerates

The research agency awards contracts to demonstrate a hybrid hypersonic engine.


Army tests new targeting system in Alaska

JETS seeks to give forward observers the ability to call in precision fire with a lightweight package.


Navy Knifefish undersea drone detects numerous mines in test

An Navy undersea drone is expected to be operational in the next few months after successfully completing contractor trials.


Army looks towards gaming & big data to create prepared future force

At a TRADOC Mad Scientist Presentation, Dr. Rob Smith discussed the ways in which the Army could take lessons learned from the sports and videogame industries in harnessing data.

Defense Systems Update

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