Northrop wins contract for GPS upgrades

The company will support modernization efforts for the embedded GPS/Inertial Navigation System.

Navy wants small drones that can see in the dark

The service is looking for small tactical unmanned aerial vehicles capable of providing ISR in both day and night operations in adverse environmental conditions.

Tern gets closer to extending ships' ISR reach at sea

The DARPA-ONR program to develop long-range, vertical-lift drones for smaller ships moves into Phase 3.

Navy awards large deal to upgrade satellite communications

Raytheon gets a contract that could be worth up to $467 million for Navy Multiband Terminals, which will quadruple capacity while providing anti-jamming features.

General Atomics to deliver two Predator drones to Italy

General Atomics announced that Italy has accepted the sale of the two final MQ-1 Predator UAVs in the company’s Predator A product line.

Joel Dolisy Solar Winds

Three steps the Army can take toward multinational force interoperability

Achieving interoperability among global forces is no small feat; it requires a multi-pronged approach, SolarWinds’ Joel Dolisy writes.

DISA awards $4.3B in contracts for telecommunications support

Eight companies will compete for work on the Defense Information Systems Network over the next 10 years.

SpaceX lands a rocket upright after orbital flight

The lower stage of a Falcon 9 lands vertically after delivering a payload of satellites into space.

Defense Systems Update

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