Joel Dolisy Solar Winds

Three steps the Army can take toward multinational force interoperability

Achieving interoperability among global forces is no small feat; it requires a multi-pronged approach, SolarWinds’ Joel Dolisy writes.

DISA awards $4.3B in contracts for telecommunications support

Eight companies will compete for work on the Defense Information Systems Network over the next 10 years.

SpaceX lands a rocket upright after orbital flight

The lower stage of a Falcon 9 lands vertically after delivering a payload of satellites into space.

Air Force to allow enlisted airmen to fly Global Hawks

In another effort to ameliorate the stress on remotely piloted aircraft crews, the service announced that enlisted personnel will be permitted to fly the surveillance-only aircraft.

Army streamlines tactical network with virtualization

Upgrades to WIN-T Increment 1 increase capability while cutting back on the amount of equipment required on the battlefield.

US agrees to sell military comms equipment to Taiwan

The State Department has approved a military sale of shipboard communications equipment to help the country counter potential threats from China.

Mercury Systems buys anti-tamper developer

Lewis Innovative Technologies develops a range of secure hardware and software used in embedded defense electronics systems.

General Dynamics to provide communications support for AFCENT

DISA has awarded the company a contract worth up to $450 million to support the Air Force's Central Command.

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