Air Force: F-35 3F software drop challenges resolved

Air Force leaders say developmental testing helped resolve F-35 3F software problems.


Air Force electronic weapons to get an electromagnetic power boost

Raytheon is investigating ways to bring speed-of-light power to electronic warfare systems.

Russian EW

Fake Russian EW attack unmasked

A forensic investigation concludes that a Russian "electronic bomb" attack on a U.S. Navy ship was nothing more than information warfare.


Navy upgrades aircraft defense system with laser warning technology

The Navy is enhancing its infrared missile warning system with upgraded hostile fire sensors and laser jamming capabilities.


WiFi technology connects soldiers for underground combat

The Army’s Rapid Equipping Force is developing and testing a wave relay system to connect underground forces with above ground commanders.

Defense IT

Army upgrades soldiers Windows operating systems

The Army is moving its existing and future hardware to Windows 10 as an operational and security enhancement.


Lockheed to add air defense to AN/TPQ-53 counter-fire radar

Short range air defense capabilities will be added to the counter-fire and counter-drone surveillance functions of the Army’s Lockheed AN/TPQ-53 counter-fire radar system.

USS Zumwalt

Raytheon to test USS Zumwalt mission systems

The upcoming engineering work corresponds to ongoing development of the USS Zumwalt’s new computer system called Total Ship Computing Environment.

Defense Systems Update

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