New drone laser weapon could stop enemy missiles in boost phase

Proposals are being sought for a new high-altitude drone able to field a high energy laser for missile defense.


Navy virtual reality technology will help upgrade ships and train sailors

A Navy research team has been given the Navy Innovation Award for using LIDAR technology and virtual reality software to model ships.


New Special Forces radio packs add full-motion video

The new version of the Special Forces manpack radio system will have two-channel, video, and secure beyond-line-of-sight transmission capabilities


Army Battlefield Network Under Review: What’s Next for WIN-T?

Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley cited several issues with the Army’s emerging WIN-T communications technology.


Lockheed upgrades Air Force fighter jet targeting pod

Low altitude, heat sensing software system gains an upgraded targeting pod.

Abrams Tanks to Get Active Protection Systems

Can Army electronic warfare and cyberattacks stop enemy tanks?

The Army is enhancing its cyber offensive and defensive capabilities with training exercises, portable electronic warfare kits and jamming-immune navigational technology.


Boeing to demo DARPA space plane

The XS-1 hypersonic vehicle would demonstrate cheaper, quick-turnaround satellite launches to low-Earth orbit.

DDG 51

Navy CANES to protect sailor IT, satcom tech on ships

As the Navy integrates CANES technology across the fleet, the service increases connections and security among nodes on the network.

Defense Systems Update

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