Army develops biometric sensors, future tech for soldiers

An Army laboratory is integrating a range of emerging technologies for soldiers, spanning sensors, lightweight body armor and wearable computers.

Nett Warrior

Dismounted soldiers will get a new precision firing app

Nett Warrior will feature a new precision firing software app that enables all-digital fire commands.


Iraqi, Arabic and Pashto translation software now on soldier mobile devices

Raytheon has developed machine Iraqi, Arabic and Pashto translation software for laptops and smartphones.


Air Force is getting 100 handheld anti-drone “guns”

The Dronebuster III will provide troops with personal electronic jamming devices for disabling enemy drones.


New BAE Systems software now both tracks and interprets ISR data

New movement tracking software that interprets data patterns is now part of BAE Systems’ GXP suite.

small sat

Could small satellite usage double by 2020?

Small satellites offer opportunity for innovation, on-orbit upgrades, and more secure communication, according to experts.


Sea-based X-band radar program enhanced with new contract

The sea-based X-band radar system will receive data communication upgrades for its role in missile defense.


Wave-relay radio tech connects soldiers for underground combat

The Army’s Rapid Equipping Force is developing and testing a wave relay system to connect underground forces with above ground commanders.

Defense Systems Update

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