Army: We will be challenged to maintain EW superiority

Army leaders expect space, cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum to be increasingly challenged.


Special: inside helicopter laser mine detection

The Navy and Northrop Grumman are developing a next-generation laser-oriented mine-hunting technology designed to detect undersea threats.


Navy upgrades Growler Electronic Attack

The Navy’s EA-18G airborne electronic attack airplane gets improved radar jamming, target location technology and air defense suppression capabilities.


Air Force strengthens ground control data for satellites with cyber upgrades

Cyber upgrades will allow ground-based operators to identify and share data on enemy missile launches faster.


General Atomics claims railgun advance

Electromagnetic modules are said to double energy density for power-hungry kinetic weapon.


Navy improves P-8A surveillance plane, drone integration

The Navy and Boeing are modernizing software systems for the P-8A Poseidon surveillance aircraft to link with manned and unmanned systems.


Navy acquires new software for submarine sonar

The Navy is procuring upgraded software for sonar systems engineered to improve mine detection and covert tracking ability.


Air Force upgrades F-22 sensors, weapons software

Software and hardware upgrades will enable the F-22 to fire a wider range of weapons and prepare for next-generation sensors.

Defense Systems Update

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