New combined system blocks jamming in GPS-denied environment

IAI and Honeywell will combine GPS-denied navigation and anti-jamming technologies to create an advanced EW tool.

Marine Corps

Marines add new high-tech command & control system

The Marine Corps has a new mobile C2 system that uses radar, computing power, and radio-links.


SOCOM pursues handheld, software defined radio with built-in ISR receiver

A new handheld, two channel radio with a built-in ISR receiver allows software-programmable radios to view and distribute video in real time across a battlefield network.


Army plans to deploy lighter weight, helicopter sling loaded, HMMWV mounted WIN-T

Using faster processing power and other advances, the Army is testing a lightweight version of WIN-T Inc. 2 able to mount onto HMMWVs and sling load beneath helicopters.


Soldier Nett Warrior device streams real-time drone video

A hand held, smartphone-like device used by Army soldiers in combat is now able to view and share real time video feeds from nearby drones and robots.

Aegis Radar Destroyer

CNO: Network, cyber connectivity key to future Naval superiority

IT upgrades and next generation platforms will help grow the Navy’s network use so that it can maintain maritime superiority.


SOCOM wants commandos to become walking SIGINT sensors

U.S. Special Operations Command is looking for a signals intelligence sensor to equip an individual commando with SIGINT-like ISR technology.


OPED: can WIN-T evolve?

An network executive suggests adding network management tools to WIN-T

Defense Systems Update

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