'Fog Computing' would snare those who leak classified docs

Computer scientists at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency have developed a new plan for identifying those who are leaking classified information that focuses on spotting them while they search the Web and then providing them with decoy documents that they release without authorization, reports Wired's Danger Room blog.

DARPA describes its "Fog Computing" plan, which a recent paper commissioned for the research agency describes as   in a recent paper as “a prototype for automatically generating and distributing believable misinformation … and then tracking access and attempted misuse of it. We call this "‘disinformation technology.'"

The Fog Computing project is part of a wider initiative launched in 2010 in the wake of the WikiLeaks debacle that seeks to head off so-called insider threats before they occur, the story said. Possible problems with the approach, according to the story, are that some of the researchers’ techniques are difficult to distinguish from spammers’ tricks, and that the effort could actually undermine trust among those charged with guarding the nation's secrets.



Reader Comments

Fri, Jul 6, 2012 GovMessedUp

Sounds like DARPA has been doing this for many years. Because the information that we get is so un-freakin believable that it was even conceived by intelligence is beyond words. Just wait until someone can't tell the difference and executes upon these bogus plans. Sounds alot like Fast and Furious effort? Bad info distro may become your worst nightmare.

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