Land Warrior Systems


  • 15-month deployment of 240 units ended spring 2008. Next-generation deployment of 1,000 units due for early 2009.


  • Helmet subsystem with organic light-emitting diode display.
  • Computer subsystem based on ARM XScale processor.
  • Navigation subsystem provides Global Positioning System and dead reckoning-based location information to individual and team.
  • Communication network radio subsystem — IP-based radio system with multi-hop routing capability; based on Enhanced Position Location Reporting System.
  • Software — based on Linux with custom Defense Department application developments.
    * Interceptor Body Armor system and modular load-bearing system, both of which are in use in the Army and the Marine Corps.
  • Weapon-mounted laser and digital-video sighting and observation systems.
  • Command PDA — enables commanders to view location of warfighters and coordinate activity.
  • Stryker Vehicle Integration Kit — command unit and integration with Boomerang Mobile Shooter Detection System to help troops locate and counter sniper activity.

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