Ground soldier system

Next-generation continuation of Land Warrior developments

Expected capabilities:

* Exoskeletal load-carriage integrated with body armor to enable troops to carry more weight.
* Programmable radio that supports the broadcast of voice, data and video at broadband speeds.
* Integrated voice connections to Combat Net Radios and situational awareness systems.
* Radio to generate position reports and provide them to team members and commanders without the need for separate personal digital assistants.
* “Netted lethality,” enabling individual fighters to remotely direct weapons fired by members of other units, provide distance- and burst-ranging for grenadier’s weapons, and targeting for beyond-lineof- sight weapons fired by unmanned systems.
* Integration with Air Force FalconView system to enable soldiers to view surveillance video from unmanned aerial vehicles and other airborne assets.
* Reduce soldiers’ fighting load by 50 percent within 10 years.
* Integrate fire control, sites and communications with all combat platforms.
* Integration of XM104 weapons systems with communications and targeting systems from Land Warrior.

About the Author

Kevin Fogarty is a special contributor to Defense Systems.

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