Whitepaper List

Providing High Scalability and Performance Storage for Encrypted Data

Jul 28, 2015

Information is the lifeblood of today’s enterprise and securing confidential content has never been more of a priority than it is now. Not only is securing confidential information an organizational priority, there are many regulations requiring content security and auditing. Download this case study to find out how your organization can achieve highly scalable and high performance storage for encrypted data with HGST Flash platform and Vormeteric Data Security solutions.

Perpetual Information Protection

Jul 20, 2015

As sensitive information continues to increase in volume, so do potential threats to its security and safeguarding. Unclassified Controlled Technical Information, Controlled Unclassified Information, Personable Identifiable Information (PII), intellectual property and national security information can be found essentially anywhere, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, removable media and cloud storage. Download this solution brief to gain valuable insight into how your organization can ensure all information remains safe throughout the entire content lifecycle, while achieving compliance and federal regulations.

Guide to Synchronous Learning, Web Conferencing and Real-Time Collaboration

Jun 30, 2015

Are training and employee development programs engaging your employees? Do your online meeting tools meet the needs of your business? Download this guide to learn more about which factors your organizations should consider when choosing synchronous learning, web conferencing, and real-time collaboration programs.

i2 Enterprise Insight Analytics for Defense Intelligence

Jun 11, 2015

As national security and defense threats become more asymmetrical and complex, intelligence organizations and agencies are challenged to respond more efficiently and precisely. Download this solution brief to gain further insight into how your organization can accelerate the data-to-decision process to make better informed decisions with confidence.

Easing the Burden of Records Management: Automating Records Capture

May 01, 2015

Deadlines are looming for all U.S. Federal Agencies to implement and demonstrate their compliance with the 2012 Directive (M-12-18) from OMB/NARA, mandating electronic record keeping by 2019. Capture and categorization in relation to electronic records management is the greatest burden for the user community. The sooner you can capture your information and bring it into the process, the better off you are in securely storing it, making it available to the organization, and using it to launch your workflow. Download this AIIM white paper to learn strategies to comply with these mandates while maximizing operational efficiency.

Integrated C4ISR Viewpoint

Apr 15, 2015

Government and military leaders can overcome challenges of C4ISR stove-piped systems by adopting an Enterprise Integration approach that goes beyond traditional integration to create truly interoperable and secure C4ISR networks and systems.

Xplore Technologies Case Study

Mar 31, 2015

Xplore’s rugged tablet computers are ranked among the highest in terms of military specifications, while at the same time allow for the flexibility and adaptability required to customize. Download this informative case study to learn how Cybernet Systems used Xplore rugged tablets to build a complete solution for their clients.

Achieving Maximum Productivity and the lowest TCO with Mobility

Mar 27, 2015

From aircraft maintenance to protecting the country on the battlefield, defense agencies are using mobile technology in ways that improve productivity and national security.Download this white paper to learn how mobile technology is increasing productivity and how agencies are lowering their total cost of ownership with enterprise-grade devices.