Defense IT

Hatch-mounted satellite system keeps Marines updated in-flight

The system provides network access, real-time video and other tools for crisis-response teams right up until they arrive on a battlefield.

Navy awards $91.7M deal for next phase of electronic warfare program

Raytheon will work on Block 3 of SEWIP, which will give ships an electronic attack capability.

IARPA wants to zero in on high frequency radar, comms

Agency hires Leidos and STR to cut through ionospheric interference in order to pinpoint and identify HF emitters.

LGS acquires communications developer Axios

The deal could help LGS compete for NetCents 2 work.

AFRL, FlexTech look to revolutionize electronics

A new institute will develop flexible hybrid electronics and manufacturing processes.

Army, partners work toward better battlefield intelligence collection

The annual Enterprise Challenge tests intelligence technologies in real-world scenarios for the Army, other DOD agencies, contractors and coalition forces.

Intelligence officials: Cyber domain is still the 'Wild West'

IC leaders and members of Congress tussle over the slow progress toward defining the terms of engagement in cyberspace.

Air Force wants to go organic for better energy storage

AFRL's SOFT program aims to use biotechnology and flexible electronics to boost the energy capacity of sensors and other devices.