Defense IT

Revolutionary prosthetic arm enters its next phase

DARPA awards DEKA a contract to work on improving the FDA-approved system’s feel and help bring it to market.

Military looks to private sector to build cyber mission force

Two solicitations from the U.S. Cyber Command and the Army, ask for assistance in training and capabilities.

Cyber Guard exercise expands to whole-of-nation defense

Over 100 organizations in the government, military, industry, academia and the international community worked on developing unified, interoperable cyber skills.

'Space Pearl Harbor' debate rages

Policy analysts argue over how U.S. strategy should evolve to deal with asymmetric threats that could leave low Earth orbit unusable.

Army developing a 'flying motorcycle' for the battlefield

ARL and two companies are adapting the Malloy hoverbike for tactical recon and troop transport, for use as a cheaper, more agile option to helicopters.

Joel Dolisy Solar Winds

The Army's march forward means letting go of the past

A successful modernization involved embracing new technologies and methodologies, Solar Winds' Joel Dolisy writes.

Data link lets even small UAVs serve as secure comm nodes

The Marines recently tested Harris’ system, developed in 90 days, on hand-launched Raven UAS.

Phishing scam poses as OPM hack notifications

As OPM is contacting the millions of potential victims, hackers are doing the same.