Navy awards $32.6M deal for shipboard info-sharing system

Data Link Solutions will build up to 12 of the latest Multi-Functional Information Distribution System on Ship units.

Navy could get next-gen global comm system a bit sooner

Lockheed Martin opens a facility to speed up testing and certification of MUOS terminals and applications.

Funding cuts delay Navy's Next Generation Jammer

The system performed well in recent tests, but budget pressures will push its deployment back by a year.

Navy's nano-satellites could boost tactical communications

SSC-Pacific is developing a small satellite that could transmit data to secure networks and relay a signal halfway around the world.

House approves $584.2 billion Defense spending plan for 2015

The bill, now headed to the Senate, includes a 1 percent pay increase but cuts some benefits.

IG: DOD has dropped the ball on IPv6 transition

Report says the department needs to make a priority of enabling IPv6, which is seen as essential to handling all the new Internet-connected devices coming online.

DOD approves new mobile security credentials

PIV-I credentials from Operational Research Consultants could allow limited access for more than 40 million DOD partners worldwide.

Mobile satellite network gives Army swift artillery support

The Soldier Network Extension allows forward units to share target information from anywhere on the battlefield.