Air Force gives Lockheed $735M deal for satellite support

The contract calls for continued support of three generations of satellite communications.

NRL patents a small, orbital space junk sensor

The low-power, low-cost Optical Orbital Debris Spotter will allow for greater monitoring of the space debris threatening critical satellite infrastructure.

DISA releasing heavy-duty suite for mobile classified comm

The kit will allow secure voice, video and data access to SIPRNet from any Internet connection, and will be available DOD-wide.

Nanosatellites could provide future battlefield communications

The Space and Missile Defense Command is testing small satellites that could deliver over-the-horizon voice, data and imagery.

DOD report cites China's focus on cyber as a weapon of wartime

The annual report to Congress also focuses a growing emphasis on electronic warfare, space and unmanned vehicles.

Air Force to certify SpaceX for launches by June

The Space and Missile Command has amended a research agreement streamlining EELV certification.

Next-generation GPS satellite ready for testing

GPS III is maneuverable, more resistant to jamming and can be upgraded.

DOD to show off latest tech at Lab Day

Next week the Pentagon will host a display of more than 100 research projects and tech-centric success stories.