Hatch-mounted satellite system keeps Marines updated in-flight

The system provides network access, real-time video and other tools for crisis-response teams right up until they arrive on a battlefield.

Army, partners work toward better battlefield intelligence collection

The annual Enterprise Challenge tests intelligence technologies in real-world scenarios for the Army, other DOD agencies, contractors and coalition forces.

Simple but effective: How TALONS extends ships' ISR

The system, a joint project of DARPA and ONR, uses a parafoil to put equipment into the air and boost a ship’s communications range.

The No. 1 battlefield threat? Cyberattacks

A brigade commander at NIE 16.1 says defending the network is the most important part of combat operations.

Army staging largest ever joint-forces network exercise

NIE 16.1 incorporates coalition and other U.S. forces, setting the stage for the multinational Army Warfighting Assessments.

Orbital ATK to supply boosters for ULA's Atlas V, Vulcan

The expanded partnership could help bring down costs, as ULA faces competition from SpaceX for future Air Force contracts.

New chamber is a big deal for radio frequency testing in Army vehicles

CERDEC has opened a large anechoic chamber—that is, one that disallows echoes—that will improve RF testing and could be a game-changer for WIN-T

Chem-bio-nuke teams test briefcase communications system

The portable GRRIP lets response teams set up quickly and send back data and imagery from potential disaster sites.