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Differing Opinions on Cyber Threat

It would be nearly impossible to dispute the fact that there are differing opinions as to the current cyber threat level. Some say it is overblown, while others express deep concern and warn that we are not ready.

Now add the question of the likelihood of a successful cyber attack that disrupts or destroys our nation’s critical infrastructure and you will get a glimpse of the distribution of opinions on this subject. So who’s right and who’s wrong? That is the question that commonly arises, but there is a much better question that should be asked. More

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Cybersecurity requires robust intelligence

It is no secret that to defend our critical infrastructure from the threats emanating from cyberspace requires cyber intelligence. Malicious cyber actors with a plethora of motivations launch cyberattacks continuously.  Many individuals and organizations do not realize that in 2012 on average there were more than 50 new strains of malware released every minute. Detecting this malware, creating a detection signature, developing new rules for our firewalls or adapting our intrusion detection sensors are reactive in nature.


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Could cyberattack result in criminal charges?

The threats of cyberattacks on our systems are recognized as a risk. Some publically traded organizations even list this as a risk in documents with financial projections and earning information. That would lead one to believe that cyberattacks are a foreseeable risk and as such must be addressed. More

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Ignoring the Warnings

Today there is a far greater and more accurate cyber space threat awareness than ever before. In addition to this critical aspect, we now receive regular reports of threat, attacks and breaches, many of which are in near-real time.


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