Air Force completes rollout of medical messaging system

MiCare gives airmen and their families a secure online portal for many medical services.

Army network of the future: Fast, flexible and end-to-end

CIO says the service aims to increase bandwidth and IT capacity “a thousand times.”

Navy’s robot will interact with sailors, fight fires aboard ship

NRL and researchers from Virginia Tech and Penn recently demonstrated a humanoid robot, SAFFiR, that can work side-by-side with firefighters.

Small, deep-UV lasers could detect biological and chemical agents on the battlefield

DARPA’s LUSTER program aims for handheld lasers that would allow soldiers to detect dangerous substances from a distance.

Biometrics for access control is knocking on the door

After a 90-day Army pilot program, provost marshal general concludes: “This is the future.”

Classified NRO satellite readied for launch

Secret mission will use a heavy lift launch configuration.

Navy sending black-box locator to aid in search for MH 370

The Pacific Command is sending the highly sensitive Towed Pinger Locator 25 system to the Indian Ocean.

Watch: Big Dog robotic mule gets a head-arm

Four-legged robot is now capable of throwing heavy objects.