Airborne infrared targeting sensor passes key milestone

The Navy’s Infrared Search and Track system can track heat sources from long rnage while avoiding detection itself.

Navy's nano-satellites could boost tactical communications

SSC-Pacific is developing a small satellite that could transmit data to secure networks and relay a signal halfway around the world.

Army to go solar at Redstone Arsenal

Project will produce up to 18,000 megawatt-hours per year of power at the base.

House approves $584.2 billion Defense spending plan for 2015

The bill, now headed to the Senate, includes a 1 percent pay increase but cuts some benefits.

Researchers demo cyber defenses for drones

The University of Virginia demonstrated techniques designed to harden unmanned systems from cyber attacks.

Intelligence agency has a cold plan for faster, cheaper supercomputing

IARPA launches a program for cryogenic computing that could hit exascale levels while drawing considerably less power than today’s fastest machines.

Can transparent computing stop the worst cyberattacks?

A new DARPA program wants to throw light on the dark alleys in computer systems where Advanced Persistent Threats and other attacks hide.

IG: DOD has dropped the ball on IPv6 transition

Report says the department needs to make a priority of enabling IPv6, which is seen as essential to handling all the new Internet-connected devices coming online.