Watch: Big Dog robotic mule gets a head-arm

Four-legged robot is now capable of throwing heavy objects.

Pentagon to reconsider medals for UAV pilots and cyber warriors

Hagel orders a review of military decorations and awards program.

The future of satellites: What are the options?

From reusable launch vehicles to high-throughput satellites and hosted payloads, DOD looks to meet rising demand while cutting costs.

Next phase of Mobile Hotspot program takes wing

DARPA hires L-3 to develop radio and router pods that can be mounted on a Shadow UAV, creating an airborne hotspot.

Air Force wants to toughen up aerial layer communications

The service is looking to spend nearly $10 million to upgrade current systems to operate in degraded, contested or outnumbered situations.

DIA issues call for bids on $6 billion E-SITE contract

The contract will provide worldwide IT services and support for the defense intelligence community and its partners.

Air Force gives flight to advanced targeting pod

Sniper ATE-SE now provides additional networking capabilities for ground forces.

DARPA developing ‘radical’ copter/plane hybrid

The VTOL Experimental Plane program, which just awarded four contracts, looks to greatly improve both hovering and cruise efficiency.