Lasers sharpen the focus for missile defense system

A small laser specialist is supplying components for the THAAD missile defense system.

Defense Department unveils newest acquisition initiative

Better Buying Power 3.0 calls for renewed focus on innovation and dominant capabilities.

In a first, Army and Air Force share one network at joint base

With the implementation in San Antonio of DOD’s first Joint Regional Security Stack, the services and DISA offer a glimpse of JIE’s future.

Stratcom signs space data agreement with U.K., Canada, Australia

The Combined Space Operations initiative will share space situational awareness information and resources among the allies.

With Army's geospatial tool, new terrain is familiar terrain

SAGE gives commanders, engineers and analysts a detailed look at the lay of the land.

Watch: Synthetic vision to allow pilots to fly 'blind'

A DARPA video shows helicopter pilots using real-time visualizations to navigate and avoid obstacles.

Navy looks for layered 'fishing nets' of cyber defense

ONR official also calls for more automated cyber tools that can provide proactive detection and defense.

Navy's Triton UAV takes its first cross-country flight

The unmanned maritime surveillance aircraft has flown from California to Maryland for the start of operational testing.