Army awards $1B for intelligence and info warfare support

Four companies are named to the nearly $1 billion contract to support the directorate that develops ISR, cyber and electronic warfare capabilities.

Soon drones will be able to fly and swim

Recent research in unmanned technology in both the government and private sector has focused on combing flight and underwater operation.

Project to add autonomy to existing aircraft takes next step

In Phase II of DARPA's ALIAS program, Sikorsky will demonstrate the ACES system with a Black Hawk helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft.

Central Command looks to private sector for joint cyber planning

GSA issued a synopsis/solicitation for joint cyber planning services associated with the command’s Joint Cyber Center.

'Hackfest' puts cadets into virtual hand-to-hand combat

After a month-long training course at the Air Force Institute of Technology, Air Force and Army Reserve cadets put their skills to the test against each other.

Air Force wants to meld humans and machines for ISR analysis

AFRL hires researchers to find ways to bring humans into the analytics loop via cognitive systems.

Navy, Army teams to take home GCN Awards

A Navy mobile app and the Army's consolidated logistics support system are among the projects honored in this year's awards.

State vs. non-state hackers: Different tactics, equal threat?

Recent cyber incidents from state and non-state actors demonstrate the real threat each pose and shed light on the difference in tactics.