Navy committed, but cautious, on Joint Information Environment

IT leaders are on board with the concept, but want to be sure about security, cost and standards.

Army intelligence system gets new geospatial tools

Customized templates will optimize DCGS-A’s geospatial analysis.

Navy gets set to test sea-borne electromagnetic railgun

Kinetic rounds fired by the open-architecture gun, developed under a joint Army/Navy project, can reach speeds above Mach 7.

West Point's new cyber institute takes a multipronged approach to security

Lawyers, cyber experts and psychologists will come together to solve cyber problems.

Coast Guard wants marine drones for persistent surveillance

Unmanned marine vehicles go for months, being used to detect poachers, smugglers and icebergs.

Tablet-controlled unmanned copters deliver the goods for Marines

ONR’s AACUS program seeks to resupply troops in hazardous environments with robotic, autonomous helicopters.

Chris LaPoint SolarWinds

The unusual suspects: 3 ways to deal with insider threats

Whether intentional or accidental, the threat is real and hard to predict.

Army's injectable bandage can stop heavy bleeding during 'the golden hour'

The XSTAT, developed by the Combat Casualty Care Research Program and RevMedx, just received FDA approval.