Can derived credentials replace CACs? What you need to know

The need for them is real, but there are still a few details to be worked out, say Intel Corp.'s Kevin Fiftal and Steve Taylor.

Boeing claims new anti-jam capability

A new tactical waveform demonstrated by the satellite maker could be used in existing terminals and satellites.

Army lab developing small drone with insect-like vision

The palm-sized UAV is a step toward autonomous platforms that can work with small units and individual soldiers.

With pull of a plug, Navy completes transition to new ERP system

The final portions of the old system are transferred to Navy ERP, as MFCS is shut down.

Air Force hospital adds Ebola-zapping robot

The Xenex system uses xenon ultraviolet light to rid rooms of a full range of viruses.

Tiny drone with brain-like chip learns on the fly

HRL Labs, working under a DARPA program, gives early flight to artificial intelligence.

Harvest time: Wearable gear generates its own power

The Army is testing technologies that could take batteries out of the equation for soldiers in the field.

Air Force nears finish line on massive ERP project

Accenture gets a $77.8 million contract for the final phase of DEAMS, which will give the service one financial management system.