Undersea GPS could guide submerged drones in the deep

A DARPA program wants to seed the ocean with the acoustic equivalent of GPS satellites, so underwater vehicles don’t have to surface to get an exact fix.

TI targets sensors with system-on-chip

Texas Instruments claims its SoC reduces size, cuts power consumption and outperforms FPGA's programmable chip technology

DOD recruits Silicon Valley for cyber, innovation efforts

Defense Secretary Ash Carter says success depends on a cooperative, integrated effort.

Navy awards $89M contract for submarine communications

Raytheon will deliver 25 of the high data rate systems for Navy and U.K. subs.

Lab is making Star Trek's transparent armor a reality

It's not precisely transparent aluminum, but NRL's ceramic spinel has the same properties and is a potential game-changer for military and commercial uses.

DARPA wants to plumb the depths of an underwater Internet

The agency is looking for technologies to expand high-bandwidth communications and networking below the surface.

How technology has changed intelligence collection

Advancements have enabled signals intelligence to supersede relying on human sources in the field, but progress has come with shortcomings of its own.

Squid-inspired 'invisibility stickers' provide night-vision camo

Researchers make a tape that could render soldiers invisible under infrared light.