Air Force: SBIRS upgrades would cause delays, increase costs

Senate’s proposal to upgrade the early-warning satellites’ sensors could endanger the constellation’s operational capabilities, a report says.

How one Army base is getting to 'net zero' energy use

Fort Buchanan uses an incentive-laden Army Corps of Engineers program to install solar, wind and water systems while cutting usage rates.

NGA awards $335 million contract for Map of the World project

BAE Systems will provide support and develop new data sources for the integrated geospatial intelligence tool.

Army cyber training center to get new commander

Maj. Gen. Stephen Fogarty is set to take over in September.

NGA plans to turn 2D images into 3D

The agency is looking for ways to create automated 3D point clouds from satellite images.

Appel named to lead JIE implementation

The former Joint Chiefs liaison to the DOD CIO is also appointed to the Senior Executive Service.

Air Force’s 30-year plan seeks 'strategic agility'

The service sees its biggest challenge as adapting and responding to change at a rate faster than its adversaries can, the new strategy document says.

Marines’ trail-blazing unmanned helicopter returns home

The K-MAX, which exceeded expectations as a cargo-hauling drone in Afghanistan, is being put into storage.