Navy could get next-gen global comm system a bit sooner

Lockheed Martin opens a facility to speed up testing and certification of MUOS terminals and applications.

The military is becoming immersed in virtual training

As simulations become more realistic and scalable, the services are putting them to use in large-scale exercises.

JIE security components set for January deployment

The Pentagon's acting CIO said successful security testing clears the way for initial deployment of the Joint Information Environment.

Army's new Cyber branch looking to recruit talent

With a new career field classification, the Army wants to attract 1,200 cyber warriors from within the ranks by the end of 2016.

Army prepares to take global intel system to the next level

The service is requesting industry input on improving the system’s data gathering, analysis, sharing and compatibility with Intelligence Community standards.

Army building an airport just for drones

The 150-acre facility at Fort Bliss will be host to Gray Eagle and Shadow UAS.

Funding cuts delay Navy's Next Generation Jammer

The system performed well in recent tests, but budget pressures will push its deployment back by a year.

Airborne infrared targeting sensor passes key milestone

The Navy’s Infrared Search and Track system can track heat sources from long rnage while avoiding detection itself.