Navy outlines plans for tech-centric weapons systems

At the Naval Future Force Science and Technology Expo, ONR highlights its funded and unfunded New Starts for 2016.

DOD leaders take their place in the Fed 100

FCW's annual list honoring people doing great things in public-sector IT includes 22 Defense Department honorees.

The Navy's (autonomous) fish called WANDA

NRL is developing an underwater drone with pectoral fins that let it operates in crowded, near-shore environments.

2016 Defense budget calls for a big, but unlikely, boost in spending

The $585 billion proposal ignores a congressional spending cap while promoting a modernized military.

DOD engaging industry to help with cloud transition

The department wants to collaborate with commercial providers, establish common security standards and reassess which information needs to be treated as sensitive.

Strategic Command adds Germany to its space surveillance network

The alliance of nations and international organizations will share data on objects orbiting the Earth.

Amid cuts, DOD focuses on next 'offset strategy'

Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work said the new strategy would help counter emerging asymmetrical threats.

Meet the robot that learns by watching videos

University researchers, working under a DARPA program, develop a way for robots to turn visual cues into action.