3D bioprinting: Repairing burns, other traumatic injuries with new cells

Army researchers, part of a consortium of universities, hospitals and others, work on printing healthy cells onto serious wounds.

A prosthetic for the brain could restore a soldier’s lost memory

DARPA and two university teams are working to develop brain implants that restore memory in patients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.

Chinese hackers hit federal employee database

OPM, which manages security clearance investigations for federal workers and the military, was attacked in March.

ARL finds new ways to measure the fog of war

To build a better smoke grenade, the Army’s EETRANS can measure how obscurants transmit visual, infrared waves.

DOD’s biometric terrorist ID upgrade ready for another close-up

Version 1.2 of ABIS, which proved lacking in tests last year, passes one round of tests and moves on to the next stage.

Air Force seeks new ICBM technologies

The service calls for studies to explore new command and control systems, and advanced missile hardware and parts.

Self-repairing jets and laser guns: A vision of future military tech

BAE Systems says the military could have transformer-style jets, directed energy systems and 3D printers on-board aircraft by 2040.

12 battlefield tools of the future Marine

The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory this week is testing a variety of new technologies and gear at its Advanced Warfighting Experiment. Here’s a rundown on a dozen of them.