DARPA-funded augmented reality technology moves to commercial sector

Heads-up display software could appeal to gamers, military trainers.

How the Army is building a better battlefield network

WIN-T, the centerpiece for the service's mobile tactical communications, rolls on in face of fiscal realities.

Army opens up competition for tactical field radios

The service is launching a “radio marketplace” for Rifleman Radios as it ramps up its purchasing plans.

Army researchers unearth next-gen construction simulations

REDCOM system lets soldiers train in groups in a variety of virtual terrains.

Army testing a real-time smartphone system for the battlefield

The system, called SULSAT, would provide streaming video and images, giving everyone from foot soldiers to company commanders the same view.

A drone by any other name is … an RPA?

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey has a point about saying “remotely piloted aircraft” rather than “unmanned” or the dreaded “drone.” But it might be too late to do anything about it.

Army, NASA explore new frontiers in 3D printing

An integrated product team, also including a university, will look to advance the state of the art of additive manufacturing.

Predator drone to get NATO-worthy Euro radio

Drone maker General Atomics is teaming with Germany's Rhode & Schwartz to add European-certified radios to its Predator unmanned aircraft.