Small drones to get more autonomous capabilities

Lockheed Martin demonstrates ground control software and flight control systems for small UAVs.

Critical military satellite systems are vulnerable to hacking

Military operations, navigation systems and flight safety controls could be at risk, according to analysis by IOActive.

DOD moves forward with department-wide e-health records project

The project’s program office wants to know the baseline infrastructure requirements for supporting a modernized system.

The biggest cyber threats: spies, criminals or co-workers?

Verizon's 2014 report finds malicious threats are on the rise, but so are common mistakes.

Drop-in autonomous system would reduce flight crews

DARPA is developing a removable kit that would increase flight automation, allowing pilots to focus on mission-level supervision.

D-FENSE: Army nips Air Force in NSA’s cyber competition

Service academy teams defend their homegrown networks against NSA and Service Red Cell attackers.

Software upgrades boost B-1B bomber’s effectiveness, longevity

The Air Force is testing new software intended to integrate the Lancer’s new features and improve situational awareness.

Biosensor bandage collects vital signs, health indicators from sweat

Air Force Research Lab is developing a quick, non-invasive way to the kind of results you get from a blood test.