Should DOD put IPv6 back on the front burner?

An IG report underscores the fact that, while IPv4 might be fine right now, its days are numbered.

Army to create a marketplace for Manpack Radios

The service wants multiple vendors to compete for orders for the two-channel radios under a potential 10-year contract.

Blue Origin reports progress on new U.S. rocket engine

The BE-3 engine could serve as a future upper stage, and represents a step toward replacing the Russian-made RD-180, Jeff Bezos says.

Army's cloud strategy outlines long-range goals, security precautions

The Army expects to reap benefits in cost and technical support, while increasing interoperability and ensuring cybersecurity.

DISA soliciting bids for $4B global network project

The Global Network Services contract aims to create a single, high-speed network encompassing all wired and wireless communications.

Marines, DARPA show what real-time air support looks like

The prototype Persistent Close Air Support System dramatically cuts the time from identifying a target to delivering a strike.

Air Force begins construction of Space Fence tracking system

The system, being built by Lockheed Martin, will greatly increase the amount of orbital debris the service can keep tabs on.

Tamara Schwartz AF Lt. Col. (Rtd.) SAS consultant

What analytics and aerial combat have in common: the OODA loop

To make use of big data, defense agencies should take a cue from military strategist John Boyd’s advice to fighter pilots, retired Air Force Lt. Col. Tamara Schwartz writes.