DOD puts emphasis on Navigation Warfare, accurate GPS signals

A new instruction directs all military branches and components to incorporate Navwar and ensure that Positioning, Navigation, and Timing tools are reliable.

Can a handheld device detect IEDs?

The Army is looking to put ground penetrating radar and other advanced sensors into a light handheld device with a versatile interface.

Army bringing Strykers into its tactical battlefield network

Service adds another unit to the satellite-based WIN-T, which reduces reliance on fixed for line-of-sight communications.

Lighter, mesh antennas can help cut satellite costs

Harris and Vanguard are developing a lightweight, high-density mesh for satellite antenna reflectors that unfurl in space.

Navy’s S&T strategy: Lean on technology

The Navy sets forth its science and technology plans for the near- and long-term.

Budget requests reveal military's R&D priorities

From cyber to lasers and dual manned/unmanned systems, the military services focus on the future.

ONR makes a serious game of missile defense, electronic warfare

Strike Group Defender: The Missile Matrix gives sailors realistic lessons in how to respond to incoming threats.

Navy outlines plans for tech-centric weapons systems

At the Naval Future Force Science and Technology Expo, ONR highlights its funded and unfunded New Starts for 2016.