Snowden fallout on contractors: It’s not all bad

A ThreatTrack survey finds that defense contractors feel vulnerable to cyber mayhem, but many have become more diligent about screening, managing and training employees.

US export control reforms advance

U.S. officials said they are completing a rewrite of export regulations in advance of proposed reform legislation.

VA launches online tool to calculate education benefits

The GI Bill Comparison Tool lets service members, veterans and their families quickly calculate their Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits.

DOD wants a ‘Big Mechanism’ for mining research data

DARPA announces a $45 million program that aims to revolutionize the way research on complex subjects is understood.

NCS releases first mobile zero-client laptop

Company eyes military, intell community, as agencies move toward virtualization.

Tempus Pro telemedicine diagnostics

Marines test diagnostic telemedicine device for the battlefield

Tempus Pro enables monitoring, patient data sharing, and video and voice capabilities.

DARPA aims to turn computer chips into dust

In the second contract awarded under the agency’s VAPR program, IBM will explore ways to shatter CMOS chips on command.

Space squadron shuttles wideband satellites, boosting comm power

The 3rd Space Operations Squadron’s relocation efforts are optimizing the military’s wideband communications constellation