Marines reach deal for anti-IED jammers-in-a-backpack

The corps awards Northrop Grumman a contract with a $90 million ceiling for its Freedom 240 dismounted system.

In-flight system to give rapid-response forces a good look ahead

The Enroute Mission Command Capability, being installed on C17 aircraft, delivers real-time video and collaboration tools for planning missions.

Army gets tactical comm closer to the smartphone experience

The Common Operating Environment’s map-based apps and common look tie together the command, mounted and handheld platforms.

Nuclear arsenal finds security in 8-inch floppy disks

The decades-old technology at the Air Force‘s missile silos has its advantages.

Navy forms team to boost shipboard cybersecurity

SPAWAR creates the Cyber Readiness Team to address the risks often caused by legacy software.

DARPA renews efforts to deal with a crowded, contested spectrum

New amendment seeks proposals for RadioMap and SSPARC programs.

SpaceX launches protest of Air Force rocket contract

The commercial space company says the Air Force's sole-source award to United Launch Services should have been competed.

Partnership wants ‘non-traditional performers’ for national security work

Tandem NSI’s Deal Day event looks to match defense agencies with entrepreneurs and small businesses in areas such as robotics, 3D printing and cybersecurity.