Navy’s carbon-fiber clouds could make incoming missiles miss their target

The Pandarra Fog exercise shows how the clouds can absorb or diffuse radar waves from seekers on incoming missiles.

DIA reveals new gateway for disruptive technologies

Open Innovation Gateway will enable non-traditional technology providers to work more closely with the agency.

Real-time maps show a world at cyber war

Interactive global maps from Norse and Kaspersky depict cyberattacks in progress around the globe. It's not a pretty picture—even if it does look cool.

Defense intelligence officials struggle with mobile pilots

DIA is trying to find a balance between the advantages of wireless and the agency’s strict requirements for security.

Air Force awards $1.86B contract for next two SBIRS satellites

Lockheed Martin gets the go-ahead to finish the fifth and sixth satellites in the early missile warning and infrared surveillance system.

Navy wants to take big data into battle

ONR calls for ideas on a framework and analytics tools to help with warfighting efforts.

4G LTE and other high-speed tools ready for the battlefield

The Army boosts bandwidth at forward deployed posts with a fast, secure Wi-Fi network.

Army to test low-altitude UAV flights

The Maneuver Battle Lab and Georgia Technical Research Institute will try out software for high-speed, close-to-the-ground autonomous navigation.