Air Force explores more efficient, jam-resistant data links

The service is looking for feedback on higher-frequency directional links that can increase capacity, spectral efficiency and jam resistance in tactical environments.

NATO stages its largest cyber exercise to date

The multinational Cyber Coalition 2014 tests the organization’s ability quickly share information and coordinate a response to a series of attacks.

Special Ops wants next-gen device-cracking tools

The Special Operations Command is looking for the latest devices for quickly cracking into the PCs, smartphones and tablets of terrorists.

Navy's widgets enable control of multiple unmanned vehicles

SSC Pacific researchers build an open-source cloud-based system that allows control of unmanned vehicles from a Web browser.

Pentagon program would hitch rides with commercial satellites

DARPA’s Phoenix program has released the specs for its plan to launch detachable payloads with commercial communications satellites.

Hagel’s 'game-changing' strategy to focus on tech, innovation

The Defense Innovation Initiative aims to improve every aspect of DOD operations, particularly with regard to cutting-edge technologies.

Nanotech process a breath of fresh air for submarines

The SAMMS technology offers an environmentally safe way to purify the air without the bad smell and hazardous waste created by the current system.

With SWAT, Air Force out to boost its electronic warfare skills

The program will run sophisticated simulations to evaluate the latest technologies in the fight to control the spectrum.