Excalibur S artillery shell can change course in flight

Raytheon's dual-guidance system can switch from GPS to laser guidance to hit moving targets, reduce collateral damage.

DOD aims to make smart ID cards even smarter

CACs and PIV cards with increased security could be used as transit or credit cards.

DARPA, Navy want long-range ISR drones for smaller ships

The Tern program plans to build a medium-altitude, long-endurance UAS that doesn’t need an aircraft carrier for take-off.

US cyber official: Treat IT architecture as a weapon

DOD also needs to take account of its infrastructure and develop the ability to respond quickly to attacks, Marine Lt. Gen. Jon M. Davis says.

Chris LaPoint SolarWinds

Barking up the right tree: a dual-use approach to continuous monitoring

Configured the right way, continuous monitoring not only protects your network but enhances it.

Army, Navy fund Northrop for electronic warfare system

The company will produce pre-production units of its advances radar warning receiver and electronic warfare management system for aircraft.

Pentagon picks Bender to be new Air Force CIO

Currently serving in Baghdad, Maj. Gen. William Bender would replace Lt. Gen. Michael Basla.

DISA mulls laser system for satellite communications

All-optical systems potentially offer increased data transfer rates and better security while avoiding the crowded electromagnetic spectrum.