Army gets closer on Cyber Battle Lab

The converted Network Battle Lab will focus on supporting all aspects of cyber electromagnetic activities.

DOD report cites China's focus on cyber as a weapon of wartime

The annual report to Congress also focuses a growing emphasis on electronic warfare, space and unmanned vehicles.

Air Force to certify SpaceX for launches by June

The Space and Missile Command has amended a research agreement streamlining EELV certification.

Computer translations help doctors overcome Afghan language barrier

ARL used statistical machine translation to collect more than 6,000 medical phrases in English and Dari, which eases the burden of relying on a limited number of human translators.

What stands in the way of DOD-Silicon Valley partnership?

Defense Secretary Ash Carter recently announced initiatives to bring Silicon Valley and the Pentagon closer together, but significant challenges slow them down.

Technology takes center stage at DOD Lab Day

The Army and Navy preview the technologies to be displayed at the event, which seeks to increase awareness of research projects and tech-centric successes.

Marine lab is rolling with new robotic vehicles

The Corps' multi-tasking machines show how far robotics has come -- and how far it still has to go.

UAS-at-sea program produces a couple of practical spinoffs

Offshoots from the DARPA/ONR Tern program could speed up launch and recovery, and boots ships' ISR and communications range.