DOD-funded pilot to test cyber defenses for driverless vehicles

Industry and university partners will probe the weakness in autonomous systems in order to develop defensive measures.

Pentagon issues call for drones that hunt like a pack of wolves

DARPA is advancing its CODE program to develop collaborative autonomy for UAS.

Navy launches third satellite for global communications system

MUOS will eventually be a five-satellite constellation forming a smartphone-like network for secure, high-bandwidth communications.

US special forces a step closer to 'Iron Man suit'

Special Operations Command awards a Phase 2 contract for development of a flexible, bulletproof exoskeleton.

Air Force puts $50M more into airborne communications system

Northrop Grumman’s BACN system bridges the gaps in air and ground communications.

Army’s inflatable antennas make light work of satcom in the field

The GATR antennas weigh 80 percent less than typical satellite dishes and provide secure, high-bandwidth communication in remote and austere environments.

DARPA's Robotics Challenge gets tougher, richer

The teams in the competition are showing a lot of progress, so the research agency has added more difficult tasks—and more prize money—to the upcoming finals.

Report: US hack of North Korea provided proof in Sony attack

An NSA program to implant "early warning" malware on the networks of foreign adversaries, active in North Korea since 2010, provides another example of offensive cyber operations.