DOD looking for 'good enough' mobile security

Officials say they want enterprise-worthy devices that can be acquired quickly, but not ones that "try solve every problem."

Report: NATO worried about comms gaps, Russia’s jamming power

A U.S.-Lithuanian joint exercise illustrated lingering allied communications problems as Russian electronic warfare capabilities improve.

Army deploys 'flying command post' for paratroopers

The EMC2 system provides lets paratroopers plan missions en route and get live views of a landing zone right up to the time of a jump.

Army's exoskeleton improves marksmanship

ARL's MAXFAS reduces involuntary tremors and improve the shooting proficiency of soldiers.

Maryland National Air Guard to build a new cyber center

The move by the 175th Wing reflects the growing role the Guard and Reserves are playing in cyber defense.

Navy awards up to $228M for unmanned maritime systems

Seven companies will compete for work focusing on countering naval mines and improvised explosives in the Pacific.

Revolutionary prosthetic arm enters its next phase

DARPA awards DEKA a contract to work on improving the FDA-approved system’s feel and help bring it to market.

Air Force team develops innovative RPA collaboration system

The Web-based Surveillance Intelligence Reconnaissance Information System revamps the way remotely piloted aircraft crews collaborate.