Making civilian skies safe for unmanned aircraft

How the Army is working with the FAA and other military services to prevent drone collisions with other aircraft.

Dan Fallon, Nutanix Federal

2 keys to enhancing DOD’s new risk framework

There are a couple of things agencies should require from vendors to better address the DIARMF process, Dan Fallon of Nutanix says.

7 breakthrough technologies from 2014

These DOD technologies and projects started making the transition this year from research to reality.

Army installs first sense-and-avoid radar for drones

Fort Hood hosts the ground-based system, a step toward greater use of UAS in domestic airspace.

Army forms teams of experts to support DCGS-A training

Tactical engagement teams will school leaders and soldiers on employing the intelligence system as a weapons system.

Army's robotic insect research takes wing

An ARL micro-robotics team creates functional fly-like wings and millipede-like legs while working to develop the ultimate "fly on the wall."

Army set to launch aerostat for East Coast missile defense

The blimp-like, radar-equipped vehicle will be tested for integration into NORAD’s air defense systems.

Chris LaPoint SolarWinds

With a Sherlockian approach, detecting network threats can be elementary

Holistic network monitoring can help you keep track of all the threads in the ongoing mysteries of cyberspace, SolarWinds’ Chris LaPoint writes.