Air Force launches new task force to focus on cyber threats

The Task Force Cyber Secure is seen as essential to establishing a culture change with regard to cyber defense.

Air Force awards $84M deal for electronic warfare simulations

The VIEWS II program will focus on testing the sensors and architectures that fuse data from multiple sources, including the F-22 and F-35.

Air Force adds another 10 companies to NetCents 2

The awards, which follow four successful protests last year, double the number of companies on the applications services contract.

Northrop splits ISR division to expand space business

The company also is building a $20 million Maryland Space Assembly and Test facility to focus on expanded payload production.

In mapping future tech, DARPA cites drone, ISR success stories

In its biannual report envisioning future military systems, the agency also lauds one-time new technologies for their effectiveness.

Watch: How an airborne 'system of systems' attack would work

A DARPA video shows how the SoS concept could be applied to air operations involving manned and unmanned aircraft.

Army moves ahead with laser-based aircraft missile defense

The lightweight, modular Common Infrared Countermeasure system can help protect helicopters and small aircraft from ground-launched missiles.

Army drafts specs for next round of commercial hardware buys

The Contracting Command and the CHESS office prepare for the next Army Desktop and Mobile Computing contract.