Air Force begins construction of Space Fence tracking system

The system, being built by Lockheed Martin, will greatly increase the amount of orbital debris the service can keep tabs on.

Tamara Schwartz AF Lt. Col. (Rtd.) SAS consultant

What analytics and aerial combat have in common: the OODA loop

To make use of big data, defense agencies should take a cue from military strategist John Boyd’s advice to fighter pilots, retired Air Force Lt. Col. Tamara Schwartz writes.

Air Force plans major program to defend against avionics hacks

The service’s $49.7 million AVAMP program looks to protect aircraft and avionics systems from physical, remote and supply chain attacks.

Air Force putting data analytics into a smart targeting platform

A data analytics specialist is working to develop a targeting system to automate what is now a manual process.

17 companies win spots on $5.8B NetCents 2 contract

The vendors will compete for work in support of network operations and infrastructure for the Air Force and other military services.

DOD projects didn’t go unscathed on April Fools' Day

If you squinted hard, you might have believed the F-35 was dead, or that DARPA is about to mass-produce "unobtainium."

Fort Knox locks down energy independence

The post could be the Army’s first with the ability to run entirely on its own power.

In the cyber domain, US ready to take offense

The administration’s top cyber officials outline various policies for actively combatting cyberattacks and discuss the future of government operations.