DOD approves new mobile security credentials

PIV-I credentials from Operational Research Consultants could allow limited access for more than 40 million DOD partners worldwide.

Mobile satellite network gives Army swift artillery support

The Soldier Network Extension allows forward units to share target information from anywhere on the battlefield.

Handheld chemical detector can now sniff out explosives

With a few small add-ons, Army scientists adapt the familiar JCAD so that it can identify explosive residue.

Navy deploys first anti-drone laser weapon in Persian Gulf

The Laser Weapon System could be used to knock out drones and small boats

NSA chief details 'real' threats to US networks, infrastructure

Adm. Mike Rogers tells Congress DOD is halfway to building a cyber force capable of defending the nation's networks.

Air Force explores more efficient, jam-resistant data links

The service is looking for feedback on higher-frequency directional links that can increase capacity, spectral efficiency and jam resistance in tactical environments.

NATO stages its largest cyber exercise to date

The multinational Cyber Coalition 2014 tests the organization’s ability quickly share information and coordinate a response to a series of attacks.

Special Ops wants next-gen device-cracking tools

The Special Operations Command is looking for the latest devices for quickly cracking into the PCs, smartphones and tablets of terrorists.