Cutting-edge glasses give Marines a clear view of augmented reality

The glasses, developed by ONR, were used for the first time with the Augmented Immersive Team Trainer.

Air Force gives Lockheed $735M deal for satellite support

The contract calls for continued support of three generations of satellite communications.

China's military calls for 'online Great Wall'

Amid a massive military build-up in the South China Sea, the PLA argues in a commentary that "sovereignty" in cyberspace is the front line in competition with the West.

How brainwaves could teach software to ID threats

ARL has started research into using the EEG readings of experienced soldiers to train algorithms that would in turn help future soldiers.

NRL patents a small, orbital space junk sensor

The low-power, low-cost Optical Orbital Debris Spotter will allow for greater monitoring of the space debris threatening critical satellite infrastructure.

Air Force takes steps to fix drone pilot shortage

The service is boosting pay and retention bonuses, training more pilots and reducing the number of missions.

NAVAIR looks to bolster cyber defenses for weapons systems

The command’s Cyber Warfare Detachment is seeking proposals to fill gaps in cyber warfare capabilities and defenses across the board.

Air Force plans to spend $4B on Global Hawk drone program

Northrop Grumman will maintain and modernize the long-range ISR aircraft over the next five years.