Air Force's new acquisition plan aims to boost innovation, cut costs

The Bending the Cost Curve program will increase early collaboration with industry while looking for acceptable trade-offs in performance.

Navy looks to upgrade infrared imaging platform

In search of better ISR, the Navy wants to enhance imaging systems mounted on shore-based maritime vessels.

DARPA doubles down on anti-counterfeiting program

The research agency awards two more contracts under the SHIELD program, which aims to ID counterfeit electronics anywhere in the supply chain.

Army lab is engineering better batteries

ARL chemists are using new methods and materials to make a battery that is lighter and more efficient.

NGA goes open source with a public geospatial tool kit

NGA and DigitalGlobe have created a new cloud-based analytic tool for processing large troves of geospatial data.

Pentagon names first Marine to lead DIA

Maj. Gen. Vincent Stewart, who currently runs the Marine Forces Cyber Command, will add a star and assume control late this month.

Air Force looks to speed development of modernized GPS gear

Service gives L-3 Communications an extra $8.5 million to accelerate work on the Military GPS User Equipment program.

DISA releases new security guide for cloud computing

The document sets out the requirements for commercial and non-DOD providers, with a goal of streamlining the acquisition process for DOD agencies.