Handheld devices improve bio and chemical threat detection

Army researchers are developing systems to quickly detect harmful agents and share that information via smartphones.

New U.S. drone-sale policy also focused on economic security

The Obama administration's new export policy on armed UAS reflects a competitive international market for drone sales.

New center to focus exclusively on cyber threats

The newly announced Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center will focus on identifying cyber threats and sharing information among intelligence agencies.

ARL preparing for the multi-domain battlefield of the future

The lab's S&T strategy makes plans for a complex physical/virtual battlespace where cyber fire could be as common as kinetic fire.

ARL outlines its plans for HPC and data analytics

The lab released its S&T strategy for the next five years, which includes development in tactical high performance computing and large scale data analytics.

Navy again tops patent power rankings

IEEE's latest list places the service first among government agencies around the world.

US lends comm equipment to fight against Boko Haram

U.S. AFRICOM will provide African partners with communications and intelligence platforms to better enable their forces.

Army Reserve launches partnership to attract cyber warriors

The new program enlists universities and businesses in an effort to eliminate the serious shortage of cyber pros.