Handheld imaging tool makes light work of aircraft inspections

AFRL's HIT improves the quality of images while taking equipment weight from 1,200 pounds to 18 pounds.

AFRL's sweat-sensor app breaks new ground in bio-monitoring

The lab, working with the University of Cincinnati, develops a patch that can deliver key medical information in near-real time to a smartphone.

DARPA moves ahead on long-range 100 Gbps wireless links

The agency's program is looking to develop links about 500 times faster than the military's current wireless connections.

How virtual reality helps treat soldiers with PTSD

Immersive, 360-degree simulations are being used in the therapy to help soldiers relive their experiences.

Air Force continues to track debris from exploded satellite

Weeks after confirming the explosion, the Air Force monitors the resulting space junk in polar orbit.

Army puts tech-centric weapons and surveillance tools to the test

The Training and Doctrine Command tested prototypes of solutions that provide combined surveillance, lethal and targeting assistance to soldiers.

NGA extends pilot for commercial cloud services

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency recently awarded a three month extension to a contract for a new hosted desktop management pilot due to changes in time tables.

ARL developing new polymers to strengthen future armor

The lab is taking new approaches to polymer-based defensive equipment that will better protect soldiers in decades to come.