New biotech office to integrate biology into national defense

DARPA plans to combine biology, engineering, and computer science for new innovations.

Army HR command sets up cyber branch

The Cyber Electromagnetic Branch is intended to help cultivate talent for the service’s expanding cyber operations.

Pentagon wants teamwork out of drones

DARPA’s program could let unmanned aircraft work around the contested airspace and spectrum likely in future conflicts.

Damaged Air Force radar delays satellite launches

Electrical fire brings down radar network used to track launched from Cape Canaveral.

Air Force's unmanned 'shuttle' breaks orbital endurance record

The X-37B spacecraft’s secret mission could involve testing new space surveillance technology.

Biggest source of DOD’s cyber threats: inept co-workers

External hacking is a big concern, but internal threats also loom large, a SolarWinds survey finds.

Air Force names 12 winners of NetCent-2 awards

Companies are eligible for individual awards under the $5.8 billion contract.

Amazon cloud gets DOD authorization

AWS is approved for low-risk level use by all defense components.