New search engine making strides in exploring the Deep, Dark Web

DARPA's Memex project, launched only a year ago, is being used in human trafficking investigations.

Chris LaPoint SolarWinds

Preventing a minor, insider accident from becoming a security catastrophe

Accidental cyber attacks caused by well-meaning insiders can be the most damaging, so agencies should not overlook these effective steps at prevention, Chris LaPoint writes.

Researchers add more core technologies to Squad X program

DARPA has announced plans to explore additional interest areas as part of a program to take tactical communications to the squad level.

DARPA developing a prosthetic hand with a sense of touch

The agency begins work on the HAPTIX program, which plans to add sensory perception to a dexterous artificial limb.

New anti-ship missile conducts precision strikes without GPS

The Navy's LRASM, developed with DARPA and the Air Force, also reduced reliance on traditional — and jammable — ISR platforms and networking links.

Army preparing HEL laser gun for live-fire test

The High Energy Laser system, which has been advancing for years, would target rockets, drones, cruise missiles and other munitions.

DOD puts emphasis on Navigation Warfare, accurate GPS signals

A new instruction directs all military branches and components to incorporate Navwar and ensure that Positioning, Navigation, and Timing tools are reliable.

Can a handheld device detect IEDs?

The Army is looking to put ground penetrating radar and other advanced sensors into a light handheld device with a versatile interface.