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The unusual suspects: 3 ways to deal with insider threats

Whether intentional or accidental, the threat is real and hard to predict.

Army's injectable bandage can stop heavy bleeding during 'the golden hour'

The XSTAT, developed by the Combat Casualty Care Research Program and RevMedx, just received FDA approval.

Navy’s new airborne command and control post arrives

The E-2D Advanced Hawkeye is a key to network-centric battle groups.

Robot repairmen would fix satellites in space

DARPA’s Phoenix program also is developing new designs for satellites that would cut their costs.

Smart Node Pods for battlefield communications pass first test

Aircraft-mounted pods extend voice, data, images and video to front-line troops.

DOD switches to NIST security standards

Military and civilian IT standards align for the first time.

Pentagon gives weight to electronic warfare

An update to DOD’s policy calls for incorporating EW into the full range of military operations.

As forces draw down, Army has a GRRIP on network access

The small, portable kit can be set up in less than five minutes and provides a secure satellite connection from anywhere in the world.