Army gives Apache pilots control over UAVs

Instead of just getting ISR from accompanying drones, helicopter pilots can now take control.

Air Force’s infrared satellite system gets to the next step

Lockheed and Northrop deliver the payload for the fourth GEO satellite in the Space Based Infrared System.

Welcome aboard: Navy shipyard crews going paperless

Accenture wins a $16.3 million contract to develop a tablet-based mobile system for maintenance operations.

DISA's milCloud now offering classified services

The agency has configured its cloud computing service for the Secret IP Router Network.

ARL project: Better mileage, more power through supercomputing

Researchers working under an award from DOD's Frontier Project will tap a billion hours of supercomputing time to study—and improve—engine performance.

Coast Guard to evaluate deploying drones along the coast

The agency plans flight tests to see how SAUS would fare assisting maritime first responders and other operations.

Navy puts autonomous 'swarmboats' into action

In a breakthrough demonstration, 13 boats operating autonomously or by remote worked together to escort a high-value vessel and surround a mock enemy.

Air Force fires back at IG over Reaper buys

The service says that the DOD Inspector General's report on purchases of the unmanned aircraft used out-of-date information.