Army PEO-EIS and the elements of modernization

The office’s project director for enterprise services discusses priority projects in an age of budget constraints.

Army set to shut down AKO email

Mailboxes on classified and unclassified networks will be closed March 31 as DOD Enterprise Email completes its takeover.

ONR generates a 3D simulator for submarine training

The Office of Naval Research has developed a 3D model to train sailors in back-up generator repair aboard the Virginia-class submarine.

Navy sets Innovation Cell industry day

Program will set forth process for contributing enterprise IT solutions to PEO EIS.

Navy's maritime strategy puts emphasis on 'all domain access'

The document, updated from 2007, stresses the importance of cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum in national security.

White House wants to encrypt every federal website

Proposal calls for using HTTPS across government to help protect privacy, prevent hacks.

Army cyber chief outlines key challenges, goals

Lt. Gen. Edward C. Cardon, commander of the Army Cyber Command, outlined several aspects and concerns pertaining to the future of cyber operations in a recent podcast.

Corrosion-fighting rubber could extend life of Marines’ amphibious vehicles

The Navy Research Lab says polyureas rubber also protects against ballistics.