Army, NASA explore new frontiers in 3D printing

An integrated product team, also including a university, will look to advance the state of the art of additive manufacturing.

Predator drone to get NATO-worthy Euro radio

Drone maker General Atomics is teaming with Germany's Rhode & Schwartz to add European-certified radios to its Predator unmanned aircraft.

Could smarter robots turn against their masters?

An AI researcher warns that the military's rush to build fully autonomous systems could have unintended consequences.

Army wants simulations that don’t make soldiers sick

Simulator sickness is becoming a more common problem as training moves into virtual environments. The Army Research Institute is looking for an answer.

Joint forces, 13 countries test ability to work together

The Joint Staff’s “Bold Quest” exercise puts interoperable tactical communications to the test.

Feel the force: Army tests tactile comm for the battlefield

The Army Research Lab’s haptic system helps soldiers navigate, communicate and identify targets at night without having to look at a screen.

Tiny robots could conduct surveillance, search houses for soldiers

ARL partners with academia and industry to develop technologies for autonomous, insect-sized systems.

Cyber charges against China could raise the stakes for US commands

The first-of-a-kind cyber espionage charges against five Chinese military officials will sharpen the focus on the cyber domain.