ISIS fallout: Satellite intel contract hits its ceiling 3 years early

DISA's contracting organization raises the ceiling on a $286.5 million deal for intelligence services while it makes plans to re-compete the contract.

Army kicks in retention bonuses for cyber warriors

The bonuses, ranging from $7,900 to $50,400, are another step toward establishing a career management field for cyber, the Army says.

Mabus says delays are hurting UCLASS development

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus voiced some frustration over the delays in the Unmanned Carrier-Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike program, which Congress wants to focus more on strike capabilities.

The elements of a lighter, faster command post of the future

The Army is adapting commercial technologies to make its deployed communications hubs easier to ship, set up, tear down and use.

Can you trust a 3D printed jet wing?

A new DARPA program looks at additive manufacturing from the inside out in order to establish reliable, repeatable processes.

Device can track soldier movements without GPS

Army researchers are developing a navigation system called WINS that can locate a soldier on a map when GPS signals are unavailable.

Navy awards $479M deal for joint tactical radios

The MIDS JTRS terminals allow high-speed, jam-resistant sharing of voice, data and imagery among U.S. and coalition forces.

Army researchers use simulations to make better bullets

ARDEC and the Army Research Lab use modeling to cut the time and expense of improving ballistics.