Navy eCASS aircraft test

Lockheed begins production of Navy’s automated aircraft test system

The $103 million contract calls for replacing aircraft test equipment with the next-generation eCASS.

Air Force SBSS

Orbiting surveillance system protects satellites from space junk

The Air Force’s Boeing Space-Based Space Surveillance satellite detects threats more quickly than ground systems, decreasing risk of damage by two-thirds.

DOD’s mobility plan a boon for BlackBerry

DISA says the plan, which will begin deployment Jan. 31, will support 80,000 BlackBerrys, about 98 percent of its new network.

BAE to lead improvements for DARPA intelligence system

The Insight program will utilize forecasting algorithms and behavioral learning to determine threats.

GATR inflatable sat antenna

Army strikes deal for inflatable SATCOM antennas

The five-year, $400 million contract gives the Army, Marines and other commands access to the easily deployed devices.

Northrop upgrades electronic warfare simulator

The Advanced Pulse Generator can be retrofitted onto any existing CEESIM system.

Smaller Army aviation fleet will stress sensors, drones

Budget cuts will force the Army to reduce its aviation fleet while upgrading sensors.

Navy ship motion simulator

Navy lab adapts WW II simulator for high-tech research

NRL refurbishes 1940s training equipment for current radar and communications research opportunities.