Watch: Synthetic vision to allow pilots to fly 'blind'

A DARPA video shows helicopter pilots using real-time visualizations to navigate and avoid obstacles.

Navy looks for layered 'fishing nets' of cyber defense

ONR official also calls for more automated cyber tools that can provide proactive detection and defense.

Navy's Triton UAV takes its first cross-country flight

The unmanned maritime surveillance aircraft has flown from California to Maryland for the start of operational testing.

Intelligence agencies getting on board with IC ITE

With the foundation set, the initiative is also looking to improve enterprise management and develop new capabilities.

ULA, Bezos join forces on new rocket engine

A commercial aerospace venture backed by founder Jeff Bezos will work with the United Launch Alliance to develop a new engine for Atlas and Delta rockets used to launch many military satellites.

After hacks, Transcom to require contractors to report data breaches

A Senate investigation found that only two of at least 20 successful intrusions traced to China were reported to the Transportation Command.

Army launches $49.5 million anti-IED challenge

Twenty contractor teams will compete in a program to detect and identify explosives planted in culverts.

Body sensors could improve future soldiers’ performance

A panel of researchers working with the Army discusses the importance of monitoring both physical and psychological stressors.