DARPA's Robotics Challenge gets tougher, richer

The teams in the competition are showing a lot of progress, so the research agency has added more difficult tasks—and more prize money—to the upcoming finals.

Report: US hack of North Korea provided proof in Sony attack

An NSA program to implant "early warning" malware on the networks of foreign adversaries, active in North Korea since 2010, provides another example of offensive cyber operations.

Users becoming hackers' favorite path into networks, survey finds

Cisco's annual report says cyber attackers are increasingly letting unwitting users install malware for them.

Air Force's new acquisition plan aims to boost innovation, cut costs

The Bending the Cost Curve program will increase early collaboration with industry while looking for acceptable trade-offs in performance.

Navy looks to upgrade infrared imaging platform

In search of better ISR, the Navy wants to enhance imaging systems mounted on shore-based maritime vessels.

DARPA doubles down on anti-counterfeiting program

The research agency awards two more contracts under the SHIELD program, which aims to ID counterfeit electronics anywhere in the supply chain.

Army lab is engineering better batteries

ARL chemists are using new methods and materials to make a battery that is lighter and more efficient.

NGA goes open source with a public geospatial tool kit

NGA and DigitalGlobe have created a new cloud-based analytic tool for processing large troves of geospatial data.