Army set to field smartphone app to diagnose brain trauma

The DANA application can identify symptoms of traumatic brain injuries in any setting and in a little as five minutes.

Navy's new underwater drone looks and swims like a fish

The GhostSwimmer, developed under the Silent NEMO project, can run silent, run deep.

Making civilian skies safe for unmanned aircraft

How the Army is working with the FAA and other military services to prevent drone collisions with other aircraft.

Dan Fallon, Nutanix Federal

2 keys to enhancing DOD’s new risk framework

There are a couple of things agencies should require from vendors to better address the DIARMF process, Dan Fallon of Nutanix says.

7 breakthrough technologies from 2014

These DOD technologies and projects started making the transition this year from research to reality.

Army forms teams of experts to support DCGS-A training

Tactical engagement teams will school leaders and soldiers on employing the intelligence system as a weapons system.

Army installs first sense-and-avoid radar for drones

Fort Hood hosts the ground-based system, a step toward greater use of UAS in domestic airspace.

Army's robotic insect research takes wing

An ARL micro-robotics team creates functional fly-like wings and millipede-like legs while working to develop the ultimate "fly on the wall."