Small device, big impact: Linking classified, unclassified nets at the edge

The CERDEC-developed cable connects radios with the Nett Warrior system, feeding soldiers’ locations into the shared operational picture.

5 billion-transistor chip functions like a human brain

IBM’s chip, funded by DARPA, uses its “neurons” and “synapses” to spread computing processes out, performing complex tasks with a very low power requirement.

DARPA explores next-generation imaging radar

Researchers are looking to develop a system that can make 3D images without the platform or target motion that is traditionally required by SAR.

DISA approves BlackBerry Secure Work Space for iOS and Android

The STIG approval for the containerization solution opens the door for Apple and Android devices connected to BlackBerry Enterprise Service.

ONR demos advanced electronic warfare system at RIMPAC

The EWBM allows sailors to react faster to incoming threats and optimize the use of electronic warfare assets.

Big data really needs a 'big mechanism,' DARPA says

The research agency is looking for ways to link cause and effect in growing volumes of data, surpassing current analytics.

ARL to print 3D skulls to study the effects of shockwaves

Researchers are looking to replicate the human skull to prevent damage caused by the rapid changes in air pressure caused by explosions.

Army awards $89 million contract for C3 support

ManTech will provide command, control and communications software support for combat operations, field logistics and training.