DOD's acquisition reform effort focuses on cybersecurity

Under Secretary of Defense Frank Kendall says the latest version of Better Buying Power addresses a “pervasive problem.”

Army maps out plan for better, smarter ground robots

A new program also wants to establish standard platforms and modular designs to allow for fast development and easy upgrades.

Army outlines plans for the next-generation of virtual training

The tools, designed to address the changing nature of combat, will reside on a global, cloud-based network that will connect solders around the world.

Attacks reveal China's 'Great Cannon' cyber weapon

Researchers studying attacks on an anti-censorship non-profit say China has weaponized its Internet.

Army moves logistics processing to IBM's Hybrid Cloud

The move adds data analytics and other tools to help improve performance and cut costs.

That would be an upgrade: DARPA wants software that lasts 100 years

The agency's BRASS program aims to build adaptive systems and that respond automatically to changes in resources or its environment.

What's DOD doing to protect its networks?

In light the White House hack, we take a look at some of the department’s recent efforts to defend networks with a "whole of government approach."

Should DOD put IPv6 back on the front burner?

An IG report underscores the fact that, while IPv4 might be fine right now, its days are numbered.