Navy planning to put laser weapons on helicopters

Expected to complement traditional weapons, the HELWS laser could be used to attack low threat targets or incoming projectiles.

Air Force takes $495M step toward hosted payloads for satellites

The service awards a contract to 14 companies with a plan for fast, flexible satellite operations.

DARPA moves ahead on protecting military wireless networks

The Wireless Network Defense program looks to lay the foundation for the next generation of wireless systems.

9/11 Commission: History could repeat in cyber realm

Ten years after their report, the authors warn of complacency in the face of a growing threat from state actors.

MDA wants to upgrade anti-counterfeiting plant DNA process

Applied DNA Sciences uses botanical DNA to provide authentication and protect the DOD supply chain from bogus electronics.

DOD falls short in measuring SBIR effectiveness, GAO says

The program has successfully transitioned technologies, but more data could improve acquisitions processes, according to the report.

Air Force gets a move on dynamic cyber defense

The C2PD program is looking to incorporate Moving Target Defense into an existing command and control framework.

A few ways 3D printing is about to transform the Army

Advancements in additive manufacturing could determine the clothes you wear, the tools you use, the medical treatments you receive, even the food you eat.