Army a step closer to one HR system for all soldiers

The servicewide personnel and pay system will replace 40 old, disparate systems and cover more than 1 million service members.

NRL demos super-fast ship-to-shore wireless system

The TREC system hits 720 megabits/sec close to shore and holds a still-solid signal more than 22 miles out to sea.

Pentagon wants fast, bird-like UAS for urban missions

A DARPA program is looking to develop smaller drones, functioning like birds or even insects, that could operate in tight spaces.

Combined sensor system detects, locates enemy fire at bases

The Serenity Payload system combines visual and audio sensors for 360-degree surveillance coverage.

Report: Air Force facing critical shortage of drone pilots

The increasing demand for Predator and Reaper missions combined with the difficulty of recruiting and retaining pilots is threatening the fleet’s effectiveness.

Army set to field smartphone app to diagnose brain trauma

The DANA application can identify symptoms of traumatic brain injuries in any setting and in a little as five minutes.

Navy's new underwater drone looks and swims like a fish

The GhostSwimmer, developed under the Silent NEMO project, can run silent, run deep.

Making civilian skies safe for unmanned aircraft

How the Army is working with the FAA and other military services to prevent drone collisions with other aircraft.