Ever-widening OPM hack includes security clearance database

Hackers apparently from China took highly-detailed SF-86 info on military and intelligence personnel.

Army extends IT hardware contract another year, $652M

The six incumbents on ITES-2H will cover orders until next June while the Army works on the delayed ITES-3H.

Cyber provision removed from DOD spending bill

Information sharing legislation would give companies partial legal immunity from prosecution.

Air Force looking for low-cost, disposable attack drones

By relaxing its usual requirements, the service is hoping to make UAS inexpensive enough so that their loss could be "tolerated."

DARPA wants to put real-time links into tiny satellites

The Pentagon’s research arm is looking for lightweight and low-power communications links for CubeSats.

How might the US respond to cyber attacks?

It would start with information sharing and would not necessarily be limited to actions in cyberspace.

What drives Army acquisition? Threat assessment and S&T

Assistant Secretary of Army, Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology Heidi Shyu outlined Army acquisition strategies and priorities at an address at the Atlantic Council.

Marines using virtual reality to lighten real-world load

The Office of Naval Research ETOWL, a 3D computer simulation program, lets users load up an avatar to study the stress points on warfighters.