Army tests giving ground forces control of Gray Eagle payload

The tests of the One System Remote Video Terminal are part of a long-range plan to improve UAS interoperability.

Air Force accelerates development of military GPS receivers

The service has awarded Rockwell Collins another contract modification to speed development of the high-powered, jam-resistant devices.

Ever-widening OPM hack includes security clearance database

Hackers apparently from China took highly-detailed SF-86 info on military and intelligence personnel.

Army extends IT hardware contract another year, $652M

The six incumbents on ITES-2H will cover orders until next June while the Army works on the delayed ITES-3H.

Cyber provision removed from DOD spending bill

Information sharing legislation would give companies partial legal immunity from prosecution.

Air Force looking for low-cost, disposable attack drones

By relaxing its usual requirements, the service is hoping to make UAS inexpensive enough so that their loss could be "tolerated."

DARPA wants to put real-time links into tiny satellites

The Pentagon’s research arm is looking for lightweight and low-power communications links for CubeSats.

How might the US respond to cyber attacks?

It would start with information sharing and would not necessarily be limited to actions in cyberspace.