Nanotech process a breath of fresh air for submarines

The SAMMS technology offers an environmentally safe way to purify the air without the bad smell and hazardous waste created by the current system.

With SWAT, Air Force out to boost its electronic warfare skills

The program will run sophisticated simulations to evaluate the latest technologies in the fight to control the spectrum.

DARPA-funded soft robotics program is a Big Hero

An inflatable robotic arm developed at Carnegie Mellon under DARPA’s M3 program served as the inspiration for Baymax in the hit movie.

Flight tests begin on system to speed up air strikes

DARPA's Persistent Close Air Support system links ground and air crews, allowing them to jointly select precision-guided weapons.

Army takes the next step on Force 2025 tactical system

Teams at Fort Bliss complete the latest tests of WIN-T Increment 2, bringing real-time battlefield intelligence to the company level.

Air Force getting a grip on its cyber weapons

At Hanscom AFB, the service is centralizing control of the six cyber capabilities classified last year as weapons systems.

AFRL's 3D audio helps pilots sort through the chatter

The lab's technology makes multiple audio feeds sound like their coming from different locations, adding clarity to each voice.

DARPA wants to turn large planes into aircraft carriers for UAS

The agency is looking for ideas on how to adapt aircraft such as a C-130 or B-52 to enable small unmanned aircraft to go on long-range missions.