Navy looks to cash in on 3D printing at sea

Additive manufacturing could rapidly print replacement parts or supplies for Navy ships, lowering logistical costs.

Navy awards $35M contract to boost C4ISR info sharing

Lockheed Martin is to improve the way Navy sensors will collect, share and display data.

NRL reports a breakthrough in 'quantum dots'

Researchers' ability to create the dots with single-atom precision holds promise for fields from photonic to quantum computing.

Navy’s carbon-fiber clouds could make incoming missiles miss their target

The Pandarra Fog exercise shows how the clouds can absorb or diffuse radar waves from seekers on incoming missiles.

Intelligence agencies, Army team up to tackle interoperability standards

Army, DIA, and NGA want to leverage each other’s technologies, connect strategic intelligence to tactical operations.

DIA reveals new gateway for disruptive technologies

Open Innovation Gateway will enable non-traditional technology providers to work more closely with the agency.

Real-time maps show a world at cyber war

Interactive global maps from Norse and Kaspersky depict cyberattacks in progress around the globe. It's not a pretty picture—even if it does look cool.

Defense intelligence officials struggle with mobile pilots

DIA is trying to find a balance between the advantages of wireless and the agency’s strict requirements for security.