DOD adds three Cray supercomputers to its HPC program

The XC30 supercomputers, along with Sonexion storage systems, will go to the Air Force and Navy.

U.S. cyber plan seen as good first step, workforce issues remain

A government cybersecurity framework seeks to protect critical infrastructure, but industry groups continued to stress the need for training to keep up with threats.


Next up for drones: Transformer-style helicopters

DARPA’s ARES would have modules for cargo transport, medical evacuation and ISR.

Army wants to mine social media in Europe

Analysis of social media and open-source information would help monitor extremist activities.

DOD to require documentation for lost, stolen ID cards

Department will soon make mandatory what has been an optional policy for replacing Common Access Cards.

MDARS robotic patrol

Marines test unmanned vehicle for base perimeter defense

MDARS can conduct autonomous, random patrols and detect intruders.

Memex: The next generation of deep-Web search?

DARPA wants to develop a broader, deeper search engine to support DOD missions, starting with the fight against human trafficking.

GPS III Satellite

Air Force expects delay in GPS III satellite delivery

Exelis and Lockheed Martin continue to deal with navigational payload problems.