Bill would mandate a streamlined satellite program

An amendment to the Senate intel bill would put into law what the military has been trying to do anyway.

ARL scientist zooms in on a better way to search confiscated images

A new interface for DARPA's Visual Media Reasoning system spares Intelligence Community analysts a lot of time and frustration.

Military establishes space-focused center to counter China, Russia

The Air Force and Rand Corp. have established the China Aerospace Studies Institute to focus on the persistent threat China and Russia poses to U.S. technological and military superiority.

Army awards contract for WIN-T Increment 2

The Army has awarded General Dynamics $219 million for full-rate production of systems for its battlefield network.

Navy forks over $9.1 million for XP support

Deal covers 100,000 computers still running the OS, which Microsoft debuted in 2001 and stopped selling in 2010.

DISA rolls out new classified smartphone system

The new version of DMCC-S improves interoperability, boosts graphics and sound, and adds a mobile device management system.

Navy boosts Raytheon's contract for Next Generation Jammer

The $13 million contract modification support development of the service's next electronic warfare weapon.

DOD set to 'double down' on geospatial intelligence

Speakers at the GEOINT symposium talk about the value, but also the challenges, of "creating coherence out of chaos."