Predator demos sense-and-avoid system with first air-to-air radar

Another Predator also sets a new flight endurance record, General Atomics says.

Fab Lab can help Navy get creative with repairs at sea

The lab, being set up under a DARPA program, provides state-of-the-art training in fabrication technologies and could allow crews to collaborate and share ideas.

3D model predicts injuries from hits on every class of Navy ship

The Office of Naval Research is developing HIT in order to improve the injuries and response times of critical emergencies aboard ships

Air Force closing in on more powerful satellite comm system

Six months of testing have concluded on the first three satellites in the AEHF constellation, which could soon reach initial operating capability.

Navy seeking players to go up against its SIGINT team

The service is looking for specialized personnel to assist and train special operators in signals intelligence for a real-life training scenario.

New search engine making strides in exploring the Deep, Dark Web

DARPA's Memex project, launched only a year ago, is being used in human trafficking investigations.

Chris LaPoint SolarWinds

Preventing a minor, insider accident from becoming a security catastrophe

Accidental cyber attacks caused by well-meaning insiders can be the most damaging, so agencies should not overlook these effective steps at prevention, Chris LaPoint writes.

Researchers add more core technologies to Squad X program

DARPA has announced plans to explore additional interest areas as part of a program to take tactical communications to the squad level.