Navy awards $97M deal for radar jammers

Exelis will provide the latest versions of the jammers used to protect carrier-based Hornets from electronic warfare threats.

Army WAVES off the mobile disconnect

The software connects disparate radios, phones and PCs, enabling communications between U.S. military, coalition and emergency response units.

Can real-world rules be applied to cyber response?

Policies for responding to cyber attacks are still emerging, but some say that accepted norms regarding physical attacks offer a good guide.

Leidos-led team wins $4.3B DOD health records contract

The long-awaited deal calls for the overhaul of the Defense Department’s health system.

For DOD, building the cyber force is a team game

The cyber force is only halfway towards its personnel goal, but members are making marginal strides in training, recruitment and defining roles in the emerging operational domain.

Lockheed Martin begins layoffs at NORAD

Pink slips come in advance of GAO ruling on contract protest.

Warfare 2050: robots, augmented humans and force fields

An Army-sponsored workshop examined what the battlefield of future decades could look like based on current trends, technologies and trajectories.

Hackathon helps improve DARPA’s Plan X

The program looks to make it easier to visualize a network and recognize malicious activity.