UAVs, C4ISR systems aren’t always reliable, Pentagon report finds

Acquisition assessment also finds major defense contractors maintain profit margins despite cost overruns and schedule growth.

Air Force considers switching vendors on GPS III program

After delays with Lockheed Martin Space Systems’ production of the first satellite, the service is looking for alternatives.

DOD looks to accelerate commercialization of military tech

AFRL, SPAWAR Pacific inventions will be made available for entrepreneurs to propose commercialization plans.

How virtual reality helps improve weapons quickly, cheaply

The Army’s SWeET simulation system can display customized scenarios and instantaneously collect ballistics and user-response data.

ULA considers non-Russian launch engine for Atlas V

Under political pressure to stop using the RD-180 first-stage engine, the joint venture is studying concepts for a U.S.-made replacement.

DARPA initiative looks to push the limits of science, engineering

The Defense Sciences Office releases a BAA focusing on physics, chemistry and material sciences for new military capabilities.

Air Force gets serious about securing infrastructure

Engineers and cyber experts team up to develop standards and software to protect SCADA and other critical systems.

Excalibur S artillery shell can change course in flight

Raytheon's dual-guidance system can switch from GPS to laser guidance to hit moving targets, reduce collateral damage.