Oracle protest delays DISA’s cloud storage contract award

The company submits a pre-award challenge to the 427 million Enterprise Storage Services II contract.

Base-by-base, Army modernizes its crypto

A CERDEC team of engineers is touring bases in the United States and abroad, replacing antiquated devices with standardized, 21st-century units.

Air Force asks court to dismiss SpaceX lawsuit

SpaceX shouldn’t be allowed to challenge the core rocket contract because the company didn’t respond to original RFP, the Air Force says.

Army's next-gen hybrid helicopter program nears next stage

Future Vertical Lift managers will pick which vendors will move on toward flight testing.

Hacker group compromises US and European energy companies

The likely state-sponsored attackers infected industrial control systems and could have sabotaged energy supplies, says a Symantec report.

David Egts Red Hat US Public Sector

How Linux containers can solve a problem for DOD virtualization

Application containers can help agencies cut down on software licenses and other costs, while streamlining installation and patch cycles.

Cyber espionage victim wants US to investigate China

SolarWorld’s filing with Commerce Department seeks information on how Chinese solar companies benefited from cyber spying.

DARPA wants more efficient, jam-resistant RF communications

The HERMES program is looking to develop new technologies to deal with malicious jamming and an increasingly congested electromagnetic spectrum.