Sean Applegate Riverbed Technology

Can DOD networks handle the stress of big data?

Three simple steps can help DOD organizations rise to the challenge, Riverbed’s Sean Applegate writes.

The accidental hackers: Insiders pose the top threat to DOD networks

A survey by SolarWinds finds that careless or untrained users are the biggest source of threats, and they can do as much damage as any hacker.

Army goes open source with forensic analysis tool

ARL has released Dshell, which it has used for five years to understand compromises of DOD networks, to GitHub.

Software bugs causing turbulence for F-35 program

Flaws caused operational tests to be scrubbed and some fixes pushed down the road in order to try and keep the program on schedule.

Board calls for $125B in DOD spending cuts over five years

The Defense Business Board's plan targets renegotiated contracts, early retirements and IT optimization as sources for the savings.

Air Force adds funds for developing better GPS equipment

Rockwell Collins gets a $21.8 million modification to speed up development of more powerful, M-Code-capable receivers.

Lockheed delivers first of Navy's automated aircraft test systems

The enhanced eCASS will allow aircraft carriers to operate more like airports at sea.

Simulations to help Marines think on their feet

ONR puts out a call for simulation systems that help teach decision-making at the squad level, an area that has been overlooked by researchers.