Air Force mulls secretive sensor research center

The SIRCUS program would investigate how to measure sensor exploitation performance and sensor development, and require up to Secret-level clearances for contractors.

Top 20 defense contractors, 2014

Defense companies dominate Washington Technology’s Top 100 list of federal contractors.

US arrests Chinese aerospace exec in hacking conspiracy

Su Bin, owner of Chinese aviation company Lode-Tech, collaborated with hackers to steal information about military aircraft, the Justice Department says.

Army moving enterprise apps to core data centers

The migration also involves removing unused and redundant applications.

ARL, TARDEC work to defeat laser threats that could blind soldiers

Wavelength-diverse lasers, which are difficult to filter out, could be used to blind tank gunners and attack soldiers’ eyesight.

Watch: DARPA unveils guided bullets

Special .50-caliber bullets are able to change course mid-flight and hit offset targets

3D bioprinting: Repairing burns, other traumatic injuries with new cells

Army researchers, part of a consortium of universities, hospitals and others, work on printing healthy cells onto serious wounds.

A prosthetic for the brain could restore a soldier’s lost memory

DARPA and two university teams are working to develop brain implants that restore memory in patients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.