AFRL working on insect-eye view for urban targeting

Lab awards additional funding for research into wide field-of-view image seekers for increased targeting ability in cluttered environments.

Preparations for NIE 15.2 focus on tactical vehicles

Communications equipment is being outfitted on tactical vehicles in preparation for the Network Integration Evaluation 15.2 this spring.

DARPA awards contracts for ALIAS program

Phase I of the program will lay the groundwork for adding autonomy to manned aircraft without modifying the craft.

Army streamlines updates to its tactical network

Tool suite allow units to make changes on the go, rather than waiting for a 'set in stone' disc.

Army cyber chief cites 'exponential' growth in cyber force

The command's multi-component approach also includes teams from the Reserves and National Guard.

25 teams in finals for DARPA's high-risk Robotics Challenge

The tethers are off and teams from seven countries are ready to throw down in the highly anticipated competition.

Air Force looking to weaponized ultrashort pulse lasers

The technology could require only a modest amount of energy to create a destructive beam.

Radar-on-a-chip prototype could guide drones

Chip researchers reported an advance in integrating a radar system on a chip that could be used to guide UAVs.