Reusable rocket race heats up with Vulcan

ULA rolls out a new U.S. rocket with reusable components, while SpaceX again narrowly fails to recover a spent launcher.

An unexpected source of mobile security: Ada

The longstanding DOD programming language goes from mainframes to mobile devices.

Day of the LOCUST: Navy demonstrates swarming UAVs

ONR, in another breakthrough for autonomous technology, shows how a team of small drones can work together to protect an asset or attack an enemy.

Brian Roach Juniper Networks

3 reasons software-defined networking is streamlining DOD IT

SDN is tailor-made for the consolidation, automation and security needs of the department, Juniper’s Brian Roach writes.

Army equips first combined Shadow/Apache unit

The move puts control of manned and unmanned operations under one roof as part of the service's restructuring plan.

Pentagon's near-zero power plan could change the game for wireless sensors

DARPA's N-ZERO program would make devices that lie dormant but aware until triggered by a specified event.

DOD's acquisition reform effort focuses on cybersecurity

Under Secretary of Defense Frank Kendall says the latest version of Better Buying Power addresses a “pervasive problem.”

Army maps out plan for better, smarter ground robots

A new program also wants to establish standard platforms and modular designs to allow for fast development and easy upgrades.