Geospatial and Intelligence

Warfighters reap benefits of LIDAR mapping technology

Light detection and ranging technologies are yielding data flows that are orders-of-magnitude quicker, more accurate and clearer than traditional geospatial mapping tools.

Army's upgraded force tracking system heads into the field

The Army has launched its next-generation tracking system, Force XXI Battle Command Brigade-and-Below/Blue Force Tracking, in the field.

Army manned surveillance plane gets fresh start

The Army has restarted its program to field a manned battlefield surveillance platform to support forces at the brigade level and below.

DARPA's satellite cluster project enters design phase

DARPA's System F6 project in which an ad hoc wireless network would tie together groups of satellite clusters moves forward with a contract award for network design.

DOD wants to transfer $920M to support intell ops

The Defense Department has asked Congress for permission to shift more than $920 million to increase support for battlefield intelligence tools.

Navy test replicates UAV landing on carrier

The successful test of a carrier touchdown of an F/A-18D surrogate aircraft, which replicated maneuvers of unmanned aerial vehicles, is another step closer to the 2013 goal of an autonomous landing of a UAV on an aircraft carrier, the Navy says.

Senate questions need for two airship programs

The Army and the Air Force both have programs in the works for high-altitude, persistent surveillance airships, and the Senate Armed Services Committee wants to know the rationale for having seemingly duplicate programs under way.

Air Force intell center to get technical support

The Air Force has tasked General Dynamics Corp. to provide it with battlespace awareness and other support in an award worth $4.7 million.