Geospatial and Intelligence

Integration heightens insight into geospatial imagery

Processes such as tagging and standards make it simpler to merge geospatial images, maps and related data.

iPhone app to fly drones in the works

A new iPhone app prototype may one day enable warfighters to control drones from the battlefield.

US, South Korean exercise finds glitch in intell software

U.S. and South Korean military intelligence analysts experienced repeated problems when the Distributed Common Ground System-Army went offline recently during a training exercise.

LightSquared's proposals not viable, general says

LightSquared's proposed network cannot exist with the U.S. military's Global Positioning System technology, said Gen. William Shelton.

NRO satellite programs remain 'in the green,' director says

The director of the National Reconnaissance Office says that the nation's classified satellite fleet is in good shape and so are the development programs in motion to produce a new generation of spacecraft to collect data on U.S. adversaries.

White House might have interfered with general's testimony

Air Force Gen. William Shelton has told lawmakers during a classified briefing earlier this month that the White House tried to persuade him to change his testimony to make it more favorable to a company with ties to a key Democratic donor.

iPads to provide backup for Marines in Afghanistan

One Cobra pilot took it upon himself to prove to his superiors the benefits of iPads in battlefield communications and targeting when ground troops are in need. The risk paid off, and might influence long-term helicopter tech.

Unmanned aerostats furnish vital geospatial intelligence

The Army is receiving vital intelligence from tethered aerostats with reconfigurable sensor payloads that can stay aloft for weeks or months.