Geospatial and Intelligence

DARPA goes bargain shopping for satellite parts

DARPA is reaching out to a number of commercial industries to find parts for low-cost spacecraft that would be deployed to give warfighters in remote locations access to space-based imagery for tactical purposes.

Is it too late for space reform?

Laws governing arms control are hindering progress in satellite communications and space development, say industry experts.

Satellite operations face evolving threats and obstacles

Satellite security problems change constantly, but contracts don't, officials say.

It's going to be a brave new world in space

Between fiscal pressures and the end of the space shuttle program, the U.S. government must find creative ways of meeting spaceflight needs.

Radar system to boost space situational awareness

Lockheed Martin has developed a prototype of a new radar system that is designed to track orbiting space objects and boost space situational awareness.

Companies, government mine social media for intel

Companies are seeking to combine open-source data to predict future events.

Air Mobility Command to navigate with digital flight charts

The Air Force's Air Mobility Command will use the tablets to display digital flight charts and go paperless.

Apps for GEOINT gain steam as mobile devices push to the edge

The growing horsepower of smart phones and tablets is making them an attractive aspect of the Defense Department's plans to make much more data available to warfighters deployed in the field.