Defense IT

Efforts to track space junk continue to expand

DOD’s tracking website will release new positional information, while private companies partner up to build a new ground site.

DOD, at last, invites bids for electronic health records system

The project, which could be worth up to $11 billion, seeks a commercial system that will be interoperable with VA’s records.

China to debut its own OS amid cybersecurity concerns

Spying scandals and anti-trust investigations drive development of a homegrown Chinese operating system.

NGA's map to put a world of geospatial intell in one place

The digital Map of the World will be the bedrock of the intelligence community’s information sharing.

DARPA: Atomic-level assembly could lead to new classes of materials

The new Atoms to Product program plans to develop ways to make human-scale products that have nanoscale properties.

Army awards contracts for helicopters’ anti-missile defense

Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems will continue developing their demonstrators for the CIRCM program.

DISA awards $450M deal for top-secret communications system upkeep

Harris Corp. will provide management and maintenance support for the presidential Crisis Management System for up to 10 years.

Future aircraft could have 'smart skin' that feels injuries

Networked micro-sensors could pave the way for aircraft—and other vehicles—that can detect damage and sense their environment, say BAE Systems researchers.