Defense IT

Security is on the menu for Joint Information Environment

Army Lt. Gen. Mark Bowman says users of JIE are seeing benefits.

Enemy ID: How DOD uses biodata in the field

Next-Generation ABIS uses fingerprint, palm, iris and facial scans to keep track of potential adversaries abroad.

Out-of-control Army phishing test results in new guidelines

On the bright side, recipients didn't click on a fake link or submit their personal information.

NRL wants to beam solar power from satellite arrays

An array of new, efficient modules developed at the lab could send power to troops in remote areas.

Dejan Kosutic

6 greatest cybersecurity myths and why you should not trust them

To understand what cybersecurity really is, you should first know what it is not, Dejan Kosutic says.

Watch: How Marines use small drones for situational awareness

Engineers and Marines demonstrate how they get "over the hill" reconnaissance.

Jeff Scott Precise Biometrics

The key to securing mobile assets within DOD

Multilayer authentication and multiplatform interoperability is essential, Precise Biometrics’ Jeff Scott says.

DOD expanding use of commercial cloud

Nine more providers are lined up to deliver services, CIO Teri Takai tells a House subcommittee.