Defense IT

Air Force names 12 winners of NetCent-2 awards

Companies are eligible for individual awards under the $5.8 billion contract.

Amazon cloud gets DOD authorization

AWS is approved for low-risk level use by all defense components.

DARPA taps Boeing to build satellite-launching aircraft

The ALASA program seeks to cut the costs of launching small satellites into space with a reusable launch vehicle.

Pentagon plans to seed ocean floor with payloads waiting to be activated

Upward Falling Payloads would be remotely launched to disrupt and monitor enemy ships.

Navy’s high-flying Triton drone completes initial flight tests

The unmanned aircraft will add over 2.7 million square miles of ISR coverage.

Air Force completes rollout of medical messaging system

MiCare gives airmen and their families a secure online portal for many medical services.

Army network of the future: Fast, flexible and end-to-end

CIO says the service aims to increase bandwidth and IT capacity “a thousand times.”

Classified NRO satellite readied for launch

Secret mission will use a heavy lift launch configuration.