Defense IT

DARPA aims to turn computer chips into dust

In the second contract awarded under the agency’s VAPR program, IBM will explore ways to shatter CMOS chips on command.

Space squadron shuttles wideband satellites, boosting comm power

The 3rd Space Operations Squadron’s relocation efforts are optimizing the military’s wideband communications constellation

Raytheon back to work on Next Generation Jammer

Navy sticks with Raytheon after GAO-recommended re-evaluation of the $279 million contract.

Lockheed powers up second GPS III satellite

Test represents a major development for next-generation GPS satellites, the first of which is set to launch later this year.

National Guard Cyber Team

Got a cyber emergency? Call out the National Guard.

Guard units around the country are creating teams that could respond to cyber emergencies they way they respond to floods or hurricanes.

6 ways to improve cybersecurity through acquisition

DOD, GSA issue recommendations for how to apply risk management to the IT acquisition process.

Origami compact antenna

A ‘powerful antenna in a soldier’s pocket,’ thanks to origami

Collapsible antennas being developed at FIU and Georgia Tech may have military and commercial applications.

DARPA VAPR vanishing electronics

Battlefield electronics that do their job, then vanish?

DARPA awards BAE a $4.5 million contract under its VAPR program to develop electronics that can melt away.