Defense IT

'Big code' initiative aims to build better software

DARPA seeks to harness big data to improve software reliability.

NeRDs at sea: Navy produces a secure, custom ebook

The secure Navy eReader Device will feature a digital library, but no Internet connectivity.

Android app quickly connects Army’s tactical radios

ODIN, developed in six months from an open Android framework, could cut the time of aligning radios from days to minutes.

'Star Wars' prosthetic arm gets FDA approval

The DEKA Arm System, developed under a DARPA program, gives amputees new levels of dexterity.

Launching a tech startup? Try national security

Agencies in search of talent are working to lower the barriers for small businesses and help with commercialization.

Navy takes high-bandwidth satcom to the Arctic

Lockheed’s MUOS constellation can provide mobile connectivity up to 30 miles from the North Pole.

Air Force to outsource Middle East communications

Citing the strain on personnel from ongoing operations, the service looks to hire some help.

Navy steps up electronic attack game with Growler

The full-spectrum aircraft boosts the service’s capabilities as electronic warfare becomes more important.