Defense IT

Researchers 'grow' lasers in chip breakthrough

The DARPA-funded work could cut costs and SWAP for microsystems used in radars, sensors and communications devices.

Putting powerful analytics into a 'Facebook for terrorists'

Modus Operandi’s semantic technology corrals and analyzes intelligence big data and puts it into a familiar interface.

DARPA to hunt for space and time vulnerabilities of software algorithms

The STAC program is looking for techniques to find flaws in algorithms that could leak information or enable denial of service attacks.

Army eyes small, light SATCOM terminals for Special Ops

CERDEC is looking for technologies to build a lightweight antenna that can operate in low look angles.

Raising the stakes: NATO says a cyber attack on one is an attack on all

A new policy includes cyber attacks under Article 5 of the NATO charter, which—if invoked—could require member states to respond collectively.

Army looks to harness LTE for battlefield ISR

CERDEC is seeking possible providers of a deployable LTE network that would increase soldiers’ situational awareness.

Air Force restructures to better tie cyber to core missions

New definitions of information dominance and an internal reorganization seek to align cyber capabilities with strategic goals.

Army proposes new classification for cyber warriors

It takes three years to train someone in cyber operations, and the Army, which is doubling its cyber force, wants to keep them around.